Sustainability is woven throughout every aspect of our business strategy. By adhering to the highest social, environmental and ethical standards and embracing the power of human ingenuity, we will improve the future of our global community while bringing financial rewards to our colleagues and shareholders.

We believe human ingenuity can change the world and improve our future.

When we think of our purpose statement, it’s usually in relation to our customers – the risk takers and trailblazers who are turning bold ideas into life-changing innovations.

But it also applies to us, the colleagues who power Clarivate. We each have the creativity and power to create a better tomorrow – doing what’s right, not just for today, but for the future.

Whether we’re working towards ensuring we maintain the highest level of trust and ethics, operating with care for the planet and natural resources, empowering and supporting all our colleagues to thrive, or sharing our time and talents to support our communities.

Every action we take, no matter how small, means something. And when we come together, we have the power to make a measurable impact on our business, our communities, our world, and our future.

This is sustainability at Clarivate.

It’s not something we do. It’s everything we do.

It’s the cornerstone of our financial success and ensures we can continue to do great things for the years to come.

Our actions today will invent our tomorrow.

We each have the creativity and power to create a better tomorrow – doing what’s right, not just for today, but for the future.

Our sustainability framework.

We aim to adhere to the highest social, environmental and ethical standards.


Maintaining the highest level of trust and ethics in all we do.

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Operating eco-efficiently with care for the planet and natural resources.

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Social: Colleagues

Empowering and supporting all colleagues to thrive and achieve their full potential.

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Social: Community

Sharing time, talent and resources for positive, lasting and meaningful societal impact.

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Our 2021 scorecard goals.

Global Leadership

Become a signatory to the UN Global Compact


Achieve ISO 27001 Certification

Supplier ESG

Top 100 Suppliers invited to benchmark ESG performance through Ecovadis


Implementation of a digital-first workplace minimizing environmental impacts

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Launch a DEIB Steering Committee

Colleague Engagement

Integrate new colleagues, while maintaining 77% colleague engagement as measured in the annual survey

Customer Delight

Increase from 76 to 77 measured in bi-annual survey

Ethical Business

All colleagues complete code of conduct training

Supplier ESG

Develop and implement sustainable procurement guidelines

Eco-efficiency and Carbon neutrality

Report out on environmental metrics for 75%+ of office space  ​​

Women's Equality

Report out on the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Progress


Colleague Engagement

Strategic Alignment and Integration of Colleague Resource Groups into One Clarivate

Customer Delight

All colleagues have a Customer Delight goal

Ethical Business

Establish and launch a standard, global policy management approach

Supply Chain Code of Ethics

25%+ of supplier spend, signature witnessed

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

All colleagues complete unconscious-bias training

LGBT+ Equality

Participate in the Corporate Equality Index

Community Impact

Colleagues volunteer 32,000 hours in the community.

Sustainability@Clarivate in action.

Embracing the power of human ingenuity to improve our future.

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