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Transform file-heavy IP processes with document management software

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Digital document management designed for IP

Transform and digitize your file-heavy IP processes with First to File – the only document management system designed specifically for the IP industry.

Easy to use, First to File provides administrative relief almost immediately, allowing you to automate the storage, transfer, and management of IP documents worldwide, paperlessly.

Why choose First to File?

  1. All IP documentation in one place
    Centralize document storage and get 24/7, secure access for any user. Leverage your existing data through seamless integration with existing tools and IP docketing systems. Upload documents, correspondence, and background information to cases from email systems, desktops, scanners, Espacenet, and the USPTO.
  2. Increase efficiency and collaboration
    Communicate and collaborate digitally with all global colleagues. Associate prior art to patent families easily. Automate USPTO correspondence downloads and save time for other, more value-added work.
  3. Paperless and cost friendly
    Eliminate paper backlogs, postal and courier services. Save on storage costs, office space, and avoid mail rooms all while improving response times. Be environmentally aware with more sustainable processes.

Core features

Centralized storage

Centralize electronic document storage and 24/7 access for any user at any time.

Collaboration features

Circulate a single, shared set of documents to all contributors and reviewers, even provide secure access to external parties.

Familiar file formats

Access your files through the tri-fold formats you’re accustomed to, similar to those seen in US patent case file folders.

Consistency tools

Manage IP documents through a configurable classification hierarchy allowing for uniform naming conventions across your portfolio.

Automated OCR

Intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and indexing allow for comprehensive document text searching.

Flexible Extensions

Built to work with your docketing system to accurately populate case data, including deep integrations with Microsoft Office®, Lotus Notes, Gmail and Adobe applications.

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