Brand IP Solutions

Confidently protect and manage trademarks, industrial designs and copyrights

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Brand IP Solutions

Confidently protect and manage trademarks, industrial designs and copyrights

Trusted solutions across the brand lifecycle

  • Bring new brands to market
    Screen, search and clear your new trademarks with confidence
  • Protect your brands globally
    Let the sharpest eyes in the business keep watch over your brands with Trademark Watching Services
  • Support all your administrative and management needs
    Clarivate is your trusted trademark management and administration partner
  • Connect to trademark data
    Clarivate trademark analytics and reporting services connect you to the data you need, quickly

We help you make critical trademark decisions with certainty

The global brand landscape is constantly changing, driving exponential growth in trademark activity—and increasing risk for your brands. The need for reliable, actionable trademark information has never been greater. Clarivate provides you with unmatched global trademark content, innovative tools, industry-leading expertise and best in-class services.

Get reliable insights on demand

Our online solutions help you quickly screen or research word marks, images and industrial designs or trade dress in jurisdictions worldwide.

Screen and clear your brands

Analyst-led searches provide quality content, comprehensive coverage and a spectrum of solutions to help you extend your coverage or sharpen its focus.

Gain greater context with global IP case data

Integrated trademark case data across screening, search and watch results helps enhance your decision making and improve your efficiency.


Learn how Clarivate is transforming trademark screening and watching with AI

Assess both legal and commercial risk for new brands, quickly and easily

Discover the Brand Landscape Analyzer

Trusted by 9 out of 10* of the world’s best global brands

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Our products

Clearance Full Search

Analyst-led full availability search for making critical trademark decisions with certainty.

Screening Search – SAEGIS

Online trademark screening for maximum confidence.

Search Plus

Advanced trademark services delivering search reports enhanced by paralegal insights.

Clarivate Brand Landscape Analyzer

Asses both legal and commercial risk for new brands, quickly and easily.

TM go365™

Self-service trademark search, powered by advanced machine learning and visual recognition technology.

Industrial Design & Copyright

A comprehensive range of solutions for researching creative and entertainment works and assets.

Worldwide Watch

Protect your brands around the world with eyes in 188 countries and registers.

Domestic Watch

Protect your brand at home with our watch services.

Online Watch

Online trademark watching for maximum confidence.

Trademark Watch Analyzer

Trademark Watch Analyzer is the next generation of trademark watching solution from Clarivate.

Trademark Docketing

Our team works as an extension of yours, reducing your workload and allowing your staff to focus on more valuable strategic work.

Trademark Renewals Management

Clarivate’s global team of trademark renewal professionals manage every aspect of trademark renewals.

Trademark Recordals

Our end-to-end IP recordals service is molded around your needs to give peace of mind when it comes to
changing ownership details.

Trademark Analytics

Trademark Analytics delivers custom trademark analytics in a curated, interactive and highly readable format.

Trademark Administration and Support

From filing to maintenance, our paralegal support team stands ready to help you reach your goals.

TrademarkVision for Governments

AI-driven trademark solutions for governments and IP offices.

Darts-ip™ Litigation Data APIs

Automate workflows with programmatic access to litigation data.


Building next generation solution of trademark watching tools

Accelerate and streamline the process of trademark watching and opposition strategy development

Discover the Trademark Watch Analyzer

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Yes. Clarivate Brand IP solutions connect you with with 100+ search and watch specialists worldwide who have an average of 11 year’s industry experience. Speaking a combined 11 languages, our experts are specially trained in their field and are standing by to help you 24/5. Additionally, our IP Admin team includes 200+ professionals specialized in performing end-to-end paralegal, docketing and filing tasks.

Built on the CompuMark™ global trademark database, the Clarivate Trademark Strength Index™ (CTSI) harnesses the power of modern data science techniques to benchmark and score marks and their wider brand family of marks. The CTSI analyzes the history and activity profiles of protected brands, their geographic and market presence and their distinctiveness.

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