Our commitment to net zero by 2040

Our commitment

Operating eco-efficiently across everywhere we work

At Clarivate, we’re committed to doing our part in order to create a better world for today and for future generations. We’re continuing to identify and implement smart, eco-efficient decisions into every part of our business strategy and supply chain which will significantly reduce our energy footprint, as we aim to be net zero by 2040.



Discover how a Clarivate partner provides an environmentally friendly solution that helps IP customers store and protect data.


“We’re passing on our Sustainability efforts to our customers and it makes a difference.”

Frances Winkler

IP Operations Manager at Pure Storage


Growing eco-efficient business practices throughout our global footprint

9 out of our 68 worksites currently have green building certifications.

How we consume

25,693 MWh

Energy consumption

5,597t CO2e

Air travel

57,785 m3

Water consumption

29 metric tons



Bringing our environmental commitments to life

Our ambitious goal of achieving a net zero future by 2040 doesn’t just happen without diligent planning and focused action. Here are examples of how we are bringing our Environmental commitments to life.

Renewable energy: Strategizing a better, more sustainable world
Sustainable logistics are key to a sustainable future
Climate change education platform highlights Web of Science data at COP27


Our environmental impact around the globe

We have transitioned to a hybrid work environment, and continue to reduce our overall energy use, working to increase the use of renewables and work in spaces that are eco-efficient. 18 % of our shared workplaces have earned sustainability certifications such as LEED, Energy Star, NABERS, and BREEAM.

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