The IP Management System

All-in-one IP management solution, tailored to your business

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Work more flexibly than ever before

The IP Management System is an all-in-one IP Management Solution tailored to your business.

Secure your IP data, optimize processes, and protect your critical assets with The IP Management System. With flexible configuration, you can build the experience your team needs to work effectively and efficiently.

Why choose The IP Management System?

  1. Optimize workflows
    Streamline and automate your portfolio management processes to free up more time to make strategic decisions.
  2. Reduce risk
    Data integrity mechanisms and IP rules help protect your data, reduce risk and comply with global legislation.
  3. Collaborate effectively
    Easily connect the right people at the right time through customized, collaborative workflows tailored to your needs.

Core features

Build for today, prepare for tomorrow with unmatched flexibility

  • Tailor workflows: Help ensure your IP business practices are followed correctly by building them directly in the system.
  • Customize views: Get a clearer, more focused portfolio view by customizing screen layouts, field values, labels, and searches by user.
  • Automate processes: Reduce administrative burdens with custom rules and reminders, automatically created documents, automated emails, and workflow alerts.

Track patent due dates and stay informed of shifting legislation with IP rules

  • Comply with global IP developments, and ensure timely payments.
  • Validate the integrity of newly acquired portfolios quickly.
  • Accurately forecast the cost of maintaining your rights.

Never overlook an attachment with Microsoft Outlook add-on

  • Quickly upload information including e-mails and critical attachments directly to the corresponding IP record.
  • Manage legal requirements related to document archives more effectively.
  • Simplify processes with e-mail document filing workflow.

The right solution for your unique business needs

The IP Management System’s modular design means it’s configurable to meet your exact needs.

Enterprise Edition

Optimum flexibility and control. Ideal for major corporations and law firms.

  • Browser-based and locally installed for maximum flexibility
  • Fully configurable database and integration with your existing systems
  • Maintained by your IT team for ultimate speed and control
  • Works with the strictest internal security and privacy requirements for peace of mind.
  • Launched through a proven implementation strategy by our expert team
  • Includes all core features including preconfigured workflows

Cloud edition

The core enterprise edition features plus cutting-edge cloud technology.

  • Lower upfront costs with a simple annual subscription price
  • Connect anywhere with secure browser-based portfolio access
  • Easy system updates – we handle the hardware, software updates, maintenance and IT support
  • Hosted in a highly secure Clarivate environment
  • Includes all core features including preconfigured workflows

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