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Transforming data into commercial insight

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Convert data from different sources into analytics-ready information

Using advanced data science algorithms, Derwent Data Analyzer™ is a desktop data-mining platform that converts patent data, scientific literature and your own business intelligence into actionable, commercial insight.

Through intuitive workflow processes and powerful visualization functions, users can then quickly understand and report on data analysis results with stakeholders.

What our customers like best about Derwent Data Analyzer

  1. Manual analytical processes are augmented and continuously improved in a repeatable manner, delivering time-saving efficiencies
  2. Large volumes of patent search data can be quickly and accurately transformed into business insights
  3. Customer data can be easily augmented into projects allowing for dynamic analysis that seamlessly combines the best of machine and human intelligence

Patent data-mining technology that delivers answers to complex questions


  • Imprint patent expert knowledge onto patent search data
  • Structure and categorize expert knowledge to achieve data validation


  • Conduct analyses from different global perspectives
  • Reduce the number of unknown variables from search results
  • Understand the “hidden”  movements of competitors


  • Communicate findings of complicated research and analysis to a wide audience
  • Translate your expert knowledge and insight into easy to interpret reports

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