Pharma Portfolio strategy and business development

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Pharma Portfolio strategy and business development

In this complex and fast-changing environment, timely, data-driven portfolio planning decisions are necessary.

Our industry experts, data scientists and epidemiologists help pharma teams make sense of the vast amount of available epidemiological, real-world patient and pharma market data to understand the global and localized markets, from a high-level overview to the most granular niche patient segments. Identify the treatment that will have the greatest impact for patients, whether it’s a broad application or within a personalized medicine approach.

With access to pharma market research on M&A activity, challenging pricing and purchasing conditions, drug pipeline and customer dynamics, our experts help you understand the disease population and competitive landscape of interest for more accurate forecasting and greater confidence in planning commercial investments.

How we help

Pharma Market assessment

Always have a fresh, comprehensive and accurate view of your key biopharma markets

  • Understand where your drugs are positioned in the treatment journey
  • Know where to find untapped business opportunities
  • Anticipate the new products coming into the market and their expected impact
  • Comprehend the drivers and constraints in the market
  • Identify the unmet needs
  • 180+ indications in therapy areas including oncology, rare diseases, cardiovascular and more

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Market sizing and forecasting

Evaluate market opportunities and investments with increased accuracy and confidence

  • Benchmark your forecasts against data on the total potential and addressable market
  • Validate your investments using bottom-up forecasting
  • Identify growth opportunities and understand how populations will change over time
  • Track disease stages, sub-populations and treatment flow
  • Estimate drug-treated populations with insights from therapeutic experts and primary market research

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Treatment dynamics and clinical journey

Identify opportunities to influence treatment choice and drive positive health outcomes

  • Understand how patients are currently being treated and the factors driving physician’s prescribing behavior
  • Gain a comprehensive view of the clinical, financial, attitudinal and informational aspects of key events along the patient journey
  • Holistically view disease progression and physician interactions, including claims, EHR, primary market research and social intelligence
  • 300M+ patients (over 3 years), with the ability to link multiple aspects of the patient care experience

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Product and launch planning

  • Identify where your product is ideally positioned in the future market
  • Determine your product’s value and how to drive maximum success through development and commercial activities
  • Understand how to prioritize your portfolio with regards to commercial potential and risk
  • Use data-driven planning for indication and geographic expansion

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Brand tracking and optimization

  • Understand which physicians are prescribing your product, to whom, where and when

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Competitive intelligence

  • Identify new competitors and monitor their pipeline
  • Track the competitive landscape of a therapy area, target, or technology
  • Forecast the potential success and approval timeline of competitor drugs
  • Determine the companies that are highly active in a particular therapy area or drug class
  • Gain insight into the key differences between patients receiving your drug versus competitor drugs

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Partner identification and deal making

  • Conduct comprehensive due diligence
  • View the average deal size for a drug with your mechanism of action and technology
  • Understand deal structures and access contracts
  • Create a short list of potential partners with experience in your therapy area
  • Predict a potential deal size for your drug along all stages of development

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Generics and manufacturing

  • Plan your product portfolio and easily target new portfolio candidates
  • Identify experienced sources of API and plan a resilient supply chain
  • Identify new partners and/or customers to grow your business
  • Defend your market share and track competitors
  • Understand loss of exclusivity and freedom to operate to be first-to-file

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