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Target the right talent, recruit researchers and key opinion leaders (KOLs) for your organization and reach authors with a rich and impactful publication history with Web of Science Author Connect™.

If you’re looking to recruit and acquire new expertise for your organization or market to the industry’s leading researchers, Web of Science Author Connect™ helps you build customized email contact lists from over 4 million of the world’s most influential subject matter experts.

With multiple segmentation and targeting options, our experienced team will work with you to meet your campaign goals and ensure the greatest impact – whether you want broad targeting or a highly specialized researcher marketing list.

Using data from the Web of Science Core Collection™, with comprehensive coverage of over 250 sciences, social sciences, and arts & humanities disciplines, our targeted email lists help you reach active experts, recruit researchers, KOLs and authors whose work has been published in a trusted set of publications.

  1. Reach the right audience
    Whether you want broad reach or a highly specialized list, multiple segmentation options allow you to target your audience by parameters including subject, total publications, total citations, author affiliations, academic or corporate institutions, keywords and funding acknowledgements.
  2. Harness omnichannel campaigns to increase engagement
    Choose to run campaigns via email or across social media platforms. Or, combine channels and add in display retargeting to maximize touchpoints with your target audience.
  3. Boost email performance
    Increase open and click-through rates by personalizing your campaigns with dynamic content, including images, subject lines and calls to action. Optimize sends using local language for subject lines and email bodies, and re-blast your campaign to those who haven’t opened their email.
  4. Collaborate with quality
    Strengthen your organization’s reputation and increase awareness of your brands by attracting high-quality and in-demand collaborators. Cross-reference your curated lists with an author or researcher’s h-index, ensuring greater impact of your audience’s scholarly output and performance.
Target with confidence using our trusted, high-quality collection of curated contacts

Target with confidence using our trusted, high-quality collection of curated contacts

  1. Develop targeted or specialized marketing lists from over 4M contacts in our database
  2. Reach and recruit researchers with a rich and impactful publication history
  3. Comprehensive coverage of over 250 sciences, social sciences, and arts & humanities disciplines
  4. Comply with relevant privacy and data protection laws
  5. Monitor campaign performance with a comprehensive e-tracker dashboard

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