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Position your clinical trials for success from day one

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Optimize clinical trial planning and increase your chances of success

Confidently and efficiently plan and design clinical trials by reducing time spent compiling and analyzing protocols, sites, outcomes, endpoints and more.

Avoid costly protocol amendments, recruitment delays and trial failure by tracking competitive trials, selecting experienced sites, defining the right endpoints, selecting the right biomarkers and designing increasingly complex trial protocols.

How we help

  1. Design your ideal protocol the first time
    Design trial protocols and choose appropriate endpoints using accurate, reliable data curated by experienced industry analysts, including coverage of clinical trials for every therapy area paired with biomarker uses, protocols, targets, timelines, endpoints and patient segments.
  2. Pinpoint experienced sites that have access to your patients
    Support successful patient recruitment by identifying reliable and experienced clinical trial sites based on their success recruiting patients in your targeted populations and working with specific protocols, drug types, biomarkers, endpoints and more.
  3. Perform thorough trial feasibility analysis
    Understand successful protocols, sites and patient segments in your therapeutic area of interest by evaluating trial feasibility with extensive site analytics that integrates epidemiology data, site availability and recruitment outcomes.

Why choose us

Comprehensive clinical intelligence

  • One-click subscription access through unified Cortellis platform to integrate content into other applications and platforms
  • 569K+ global clinical trials across all phases
  • 277K+ sites across 200+ countries
  • 302K+ trials with biomarkers
  • 39 trial registries
  • 3K+ diseases and therapeutic areas
  • 46K+ trial sponsors

Dynamic visualizations and analytic tools

  • Interact with data by distribution of indication; interventions; site; sponsor; phase; recruitment status; country; design and active control
  • Longitudinal view of trial timelines including start dates, duration trends and expected, actual or projected end dates for a given indication, company or drug
  • Digest data and tabulate key statistics related to enrollment, duration and other factors

Fully searchable and indexed global clinical trial content

  • Unique granular scientific indexing with easily searchable and digestible protocols
  • 50 powerful filters using controlled vocabularies for enhanced searching, alerting and exporting
  • Explore protocol details such as therapy areas; actions and drug classes; biomarkers; endpoints; compounds; biologics; devices; inclusion/exclusion criteria; and more
  • Filter by sites and investigators, including their patient enrollment history; trial duration; and experience with specific patients, drug types and biomarkers

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