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Reduce your time to insight—without compromising

Patent data holds a wealth of information about technology trends, competitive activity, and emerging opportunities and threats, but getting the right insights from patent data can be a notoriously challenging task.

By correlating patent data with firmographic, litigation and patent valuation data, and providing powerful, yet easy-to-use AI-powered search and analytics tools, Innography helps R&D, strategy, M&A and licensing teams capture the right insights with speed and confidence.

Deeper technology, market, and competitor insights

  1. A more complete picture of your competitive landscape.
    With patent, financial, corporate structure, trademark and patent litigation data mapped to normalized parent companies, Innography makes it easy to track key competitors, spot emerging threats, and evaluate risk.
  2. Achieve higher ROI from R&D efforts
    With AI-powered natural language processing, Innography makes it easier for R&D teams to navigate global patent data to evaluate whitespace, understand technology trends, and find potential development partners.
  3. Capture more value from your IP assets
    Proprietary valuation metrics and powerful analysis tools help you value and compare patent portfolios, assess M&A targets, and high potential licensing candidates.

More informed decisions in less time

Powerful analysis tools for every stage of the idea lifecycle

  • Fit-for-purpose patent analysis tools for technology landscaping, market structure evaluation, prosecution metrics, citation mining, and litigation
  • Sort, filter and compare portfolios using proprietary PatentStrength metric – a synthesis of over 30 predictive factors of patent value
  • Shift quickly between 100+ visualizations to evaluate your results from different angles

AI-powered natural language processing (NLP) reduces time to insight

  • Find highly relevant publications using a free range text input using Innography’s true NLP semantic search engine
  • Identify key concepts and understand technology relationships with NLP-powered text clustering analysis tools
  • Automated playbooks let you quickly find IP answers for 9 different situations

Extend your institutional knowledge with PortfolioIQ

  • Search and analyze your internal technical documents alongside global patent publications
  • Map encumbrances, value ratings, products, etc. and sync data from your IPMS using custom fields
  • Automatically categorize competitive publications using your company’s standard taxonomy with custom fields

Share insights easily across your organization

  • Run patent searches in Microsoft Teams and share results with anyone in your company
  • Send automated competitor or technology alerts to anyone in your organization
  • Share dynamic, clickable dashboards for a company, market or technology area of interest

Case studies


Hear how Pure Storage uses Innography and IPfolio to make strategic patent portfolio decisions

Competitive intelligence from Innography connects with IPfolio IP management software to provide Pure Storage with comprehensive insights to effectively manage their patent assets.

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