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An all-inclusive and customizable IP Management System designed for large corporate IP departments. Memotech drives IP awareness, improves planning and efficiency, and helps to increase market competitiveness across the globe.

Memotech provides whole portfolio visibility, across every dimension of the IP lifecycle. This world-class IP Management System empowers innovation, elevates your IP management and protection capabilities, and facilitates agile portfolio management and optimization.

Why choose us?

  1. Align your IP strategy and business objectives
    Map IP to your products, technology, and sales revenue so you can understand which IP assets are most important to you. Report on the value of your IP to the entire organization: visualizing key metrics, identifying trends, and supporting more informed decisions. Scale your system to accommodate asset consolidation during merges and acquisitions.
  2. Reduce time consuming administrative work
    Lessen the chance of errors with accurate law calculations, default data entry rules, and auto-generation of due dates. Support all types of IP with tailored case management tools. Simplify and streamline your organization’s document storage and management.
  3. Build your unique solution
    Take advantage of the numerous configurable options that let you tailor your system to meet your exact needs. Collaborate with external users in your network, such as outside counsel, to satisfy your current IP processes. Integrate with applications in the Memotech suite, as well as third-party Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Core features

Portfolio visibility

A single, central hub of all your IP information gives your entire team access to the data they need – at every step of the IP lifecycle.

Deep analysis

Easy-to-use reports combine the data you need to help control costs and ensure alignment with your business’s IP strategy.

Clean, accurate data

Turn on Memotech’s automated data verification to check and correct bibliographic detail against IP One Data — a comprehensive, cleansed IP database.

Hosted or on-premise

Install on-premise or manage within a hosted environment supported with a dedicated hardware infrastructure, high security, and ongoing maintenance and monitoring.

Memotech Workflow application

Workflow makes it easy to introduce consistent steps and chains of approval across your IP processes. Use the intuitive editor to build custom, repeatable processes that support invention disclosure, trademark search and trademark filing, then automate those processes to save time while improving output quality.

Memotech Meeting application

Meeting helps make preparation easier, allowing you to make faster decisions, reduce administrative headaches, and focus on more strategic tasks. Review key data, make recommendations, and hold meetings to action IP decisions – all while sharing data with Memotech.

Memotech + Innography: IP at the forefront of business strategy.

Arm your teams with the most relevant IP data and analysis capabilities so that you can make the best IP Management decisions for your long-term business strategy.

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