Global Research Reports

Our Global Research  Reports draw on our unique industry  insights to offer analysis, ideas and commentary to enlighten and stimulate debate.

Research Integrity: Understanding our shared responsibility for a sustainable scholarly ecosystem

In this new report from the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)™, learn about the different types of behavior beyond “fabrication, falsification and plagiarism” (FFP) that undermine research integrity across the system, where these practices typically occur in the research lifecycle, and what you can do to combat them.

October 2020

Identifying Research Fronts in the Web of Science: From Metrics to Meaning

In this report, we explore how you can easily track emerging research areas to help shape your institution’s strategic direction. Stay ahead of the curve by using Research Front data derived from the Web of Science™ to inform and improve your research assessment.

September 2020

The value of bibliometric databases

This report reviews how researchers, analysts and research organisations use Web of Science™ data, drawing on the content of the database to show how often and in what ways the data underpins the global research base.

February 2020

Multi-authorship and research analytics

Multi-authorship and research analytics examines the effects of complex and hyper-authorship by author, country, and discipline.

December 2019

Global Research Report - South and East Asia

This Global Research Report explores the untapped potential of the research base in South and East Asia. The report examines the research output of 14 countries, their levels of international collaboration, and research Impact Profiles.

October 2019

The Annual G20 Scorecard

The Annual G20 Scorecard: Research Performance 2019, examines the research performance of the G20 with a visual comparative snapshot for each G20 nation.

June 2019

Navigating the Structure of Research on Sustainable Development Goals

Navigating the Structure of Research on Sustainable Development Goals reveals how global research and discovery is evolving to address poverty, reduce inequality and deal with the effects of climate change via the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

April 2019

The Plan S Footprint

The Plan S Footprint: Implications for the Scholarly Publishing Landscape, examines recent patterns of publications funded by Plan S supporters, exploring potential impacts on funders, subjects, countries, publishers, and journals.

March 2019

Profiles Not Metrics

Profiles Not Metrics, draws attention to the information that is lost when data about researchers and their institutions are squeezed into simplified metrics or a league table.

January 2019

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