The global volume of data is increasing at breakneck speed. It’s becoming more difficult to not only identify secure and compliant data but also gain insights.

Innovators need to spot and predict trends in an ever-changing environment. That’s why our customers rely on insights from our curated knowledge bases.

The web’s tremendous reach and economies of scale have revolutionized the way brands engage customers and drive revenue. But the very qualities that make the web so attractive to legitimate businesses make it extremely lucrative for brand abusers to hijack powerful brands online.

That’s why Clarivate offers solutions with robust standards, trademark and brand protection that can combat the loss of revenue, reputation and customer trust.

Innovation is at the heart of economic growth and solving the world’s most serious problems.

It’s critical to provide innovators with insights and analytics they can trust so they can bring ideas to market faster. That’s why our portfolio consists of some of the world’s most trusted innovation lifecycle brands.

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