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Make critical innovation and IP decisions with strategic intelligence

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Intelligence Consulting

Derive maximum value from your research teams and IP assets with tailored intelligence informed by industry-leading data and performance benchmarks.

Research and innovation risk is rapidly expanding with the increasing pace of technological change, the continued diversification and fragmentation of innovation creators and the complex paradigm of modern technology diffusion. Against this background, organizations need to asses the strategic value and impact of their intellectual property (IP) assets and the R&D strategy that feeds them.

Clarivate™ Intelligence Consulting provides contextualized and strategic insights to inform critical decisions in today’s complex innovation landscape.

  • Guide critical decisions with in-depth analysis
    Our Intelligence Consulting service uses advanced data and analytics, strengthened by our deep innovation and IP expertise gained over decades, to deliver the information IP leaders need to develop and execute an effective and competitive strategy.
  • Innovation performance benchmarking
    We bring research and innovation risk into focus for corporate and government organizations through powerful output comparisons, technology SWOT analyses, a view of the competitive ecosystem dynamics, and other key performance metrics.
  • Strategic innovation intelligence
    We identify the current movement and likely future state of your innovation ecosystem, reveal key technical and commercial disruptive factors, evaluate technology maturity and highlight gaps and opportunities within your innovation approach and IP portfolio.
  • IP strategy benchmarking
    We crystallize the advantage and impact of your IP portfolio, benchmarking it against peer organizations using proven performance indicators and comparables.

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