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Helping IP organizations grow, transform, be more efficient and absorb peaks of work.

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Flexible and expert administrative support on all stages of the IP lifecycle

From filing to maintenance, our paralegal support team stands ready to help you reach your goals.

Whether you are experiencing a temporary peak of work, need to relieve your team of administrative work, or require dedicated resources to match growth ambitions, Clarivate provides the right type and format of support.

What Paralegal & Admin Support delivers

  1. Make your organization more agile
    Improve your organization’s ability to adapt and change quickly in the face of evolving demand and an ever-changing environment.
  2. Relieve your team
    Paralegals are often under pressure due to increasing volume of tasks. Paralegal support from Clarivate helps your team focus on more valuable tasks.
  3. Free your budget
    Outsourcing administrative tasks to Clarivate helps you free a substantive part of your budget which can be put to better use elsewhere.
  4. Peace of mind
    An important goal of our paralegal team is to deliver the peace of mind of knowing we always deliver quality work on time. Our clients know they can rely on us.

Our Paralegal & Admin Support services


Our docketing specialists handle incoming correspondence and formalities across the entire prosecution lifecycle. The information is docketed directly in your IP management system for seamless workflow integration.

Filing Support

We manage patent and trademark filing workflows. This includes the preparation of the filing packages, translations, and management of agent communications. Our clients reduce both their costs and the associated risks.

Data Verification

We check and correct patent and trademark -related data, enabling you to make better decisions. This can be existing data in your IP management system, or data from an acquired portfolio.

Invoice Management

We process your incoming invoices, decreasing pressure on in-house paralegal and finance teams. This involves matching them to cases, checking the lines and associated fees, and ensuring adherence to billing agreements.

Assigned Paralegals

We provide ongoing assistance for your attorneys in their daily work with designated paralegals. Our team is a handy resource when local markets lack the necessary skillset.

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