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Student success is rooted in their ability to critically read and understand scholarly content. But often, they face challenges in digesting academic materials and opt for the easy way out by using chatbots.

Alethea flips the script on the misuse of AI tools. Instead of students delegating their work to the machine, Alethea’s academic coach asks them questions and prompts engagement with their reading materials, nurturing healthy learning skills.

It blends proven learning principles and generative AI, providing a trusted tool for instructors and students in your academic environment.


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Alethea benefits for students

Alethea benefits for students

  1. Confidence
    Guiding students to the core of their readings, helping distill takeaways, and setting them up for class discussions.
  2. Focus
    Eliminating task-switching to increase focus, strengthening reading fluency.
  3. Skill
    Nurturing learning and research skills that will serve students for their entire academic journey.
  4. Productivity
    Creating an engaging reading experience that helps students evaluate key texts instances.
Alethea key features

Alethea key features

  1. Chat-based interaction
    Students get the support they need, but the chatbot doesn't do the work for them. Alethea's pedagogic approach pushes students to think deeper and work smarter as they go through their readings.
  2. Generative AI
    Alethea combines cutting-edge technology with sound academic principles. It's all about promoting critical, systematic, and reflective thinking among students while providing necessary support.
  3. Reading assignments
    Text-centered tasks facilitate a meaningful engagement with the course materials and guarantee vibrant, engaged, and well-informed class discussions.

Enhancing teaching experience

Actionable data, insights, and heatmaps help educators focus on student needs.

  • Fostering deeper classroom discussions through student input and ideas.
  • Identifying students at risk using timely engagement data.
  • Optimizing course and library resources.


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