The R&D practice helps life science and pharma clients identify and validate biological and disease targets critical to drug and diagnostic development​.

This includes drug discovery, preclinical, clinical, proof-of-concept, and regulatory activities by providing data and knowledge insights across the drug discovery and development spectrum​.

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Discovery and translational science


We take pride in advancing our client’s research programs and gaining new biological insights by answering complex research questions. We enable your discovery, pre-clinical and translational activities through a combination of trusted data, powerful tools, high quality analysis and effective communication. Our team of professionals provides expert advice to help you make informed decisions and achieve your research goals.

Offerings include: ​

  • Multi-OMICs data analysis and integration
  • Machine learning and statistical modeling for target identification, biomarker discovery and patient stratification
  • Systems biology applications for indication prioritization and drug repurposing
  • Adverse Outcome Pathway and custom pathway map reconstruction for understanding disease and treatment mechanisms
  • Data management workflows including curation​​, ontology mapping, analytics and visualization
  • Literature review​ and scientific writing
  • Bioinformatics algorithm implementation and benchmarking



Our highly experienced international experts is dedicated to empowering you to stay ahead of compliance risks, accelerate your pipeline and build robust regulatory strategies using data and a deep understanding of local, national and international regulations. Our global experts can support with your understanding and implementation of the ever-dynamic regulatory environment in the areas of small molecules, Biologics, Med devices, IVDs, Combination products, Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals, Food regulations, GMOs and Agrochemicals.​

​Offerings include:​

  • Regulatory intelligence ​
  • Regulatory strategy
  • GxP compliance​



The Clarivate Regulatory Intelligence Tracker (ClaRITA), a companion of Cortellis Regulatory Intelligence and hosted on Cortellis Cloud, is a solution to assist with your regulatory needs. ClaRITA provides the various business functions within Pharma including Regulatory Affairs, PV/Safety, Clinical, Manufacturing, and others with an automated monitoring application to deliver regulatory requirements and news.

Center for Medicines Research (CMR)


CMR International, a Clarivate business, stands as the world’s preeminent, most established and reputable source of pharmaceutical industry metrics and trends analysis. Our experience, independence, and integrity and our unwavering dedication to providing the best possible data, insights and opinions, make us the partner of choice for the major pharmaceutical innovators worldwide. Distinguished by our unique ability to collect, validate and analyze industry-wide proprietary R&D performance metrics, using a proven and secure process, we provide partners with readily accessible information designed to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their R&D operations.​

Our performance metrics programs cover every aspect of pharmaceutical R&D. With datasets built over 20 years of rigorous development, we deliver unparalleled depth and historical context to uncover industry trends, set in context against the changing marketplace.

Offerings include: ​

  • Global R&D Performance Metrics Programs & Global Clinical Performance Metrics Programs
  • CMR Pharmaceutical R&D Factbook & CMR Pharmaceutical Clinical Factbook
  • Consulting services based on data from Global Performance Metrics programs

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Biopharma R&D solutions

Pinpoint your ideal patient and address true patients’ needs through discovering and designing treatments with comprehensive scientific and clinical intelligence.

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