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Trusted intelligence for advanced real-world outcomes

Clarivate’s data, services, and technology solutions enable government organizations to advance their missions, create policy, and deliver impactful, real-world outcomes.

  1. Realize new insights with unmatched data
    Capture precise insights from billions of data points ingested and normalized from thousands of sources, enriched with AI, and reviewed and enhanced by subject matter experts.
  2. The next generation of data-driven solutions
    Our technology delivers information and software platforms that reduce workloads and increase impact with unmatched, integrated end-to-end processes.
  3. Insights and intelligence from trusted experts and data scientists
    Delivering custom intelligence and operation infrastructure to ensure exceptional outcomes.
Highly Cited Researchers 2022
The annual G20 scorecard –
Research performance 2023

The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)™ releases an annual G20 scorecard that summarizes and compares the research and innovation capabilities of the G20 economies, known for their significant investments in education, research and technology.

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Solutions that meet public sector challenges

Research & Funding
Research & Funding

Our research solutions enable governments to harness data and analytics from extensive knowledge sources to better understand research trends and analyze impact to inform funding decisions.

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Innovation & Commercialization
Innovation & Commercialization

Lab-to-market solutions to accelerate your research from discovery to dissemination, find leading innovators, identify the right partnerships for development, and spot potential threats.

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National Resilience & Health Preparedness
National Resilience & Health Preparedness

Strengthen national resilience and preparedness with better data and insights to assess risks and develop response strategies. 

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Defense & Intelligence
Defense & Intelligence

Stay competitive in critical technologies, stimulate competitive research, and maintain a global advantage with leading R&D intelligent data for scientific discovery.

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Partnering with Clarivate

Clarivate has served government institutions and non-profits globally for over 60 years. As a trusted partner, we support all levels of government through our long-term partnerships, bespoke solutions, and expert services that meet the unique needs and challenges of the public sector.


Meeting government need and challenges …

  • Industry expertise
    Our dedicated team of experts ​work with government departments and agencies worldwide to solve the most pressing challenges in research, innovation, commercialization, health preparedness, and defense and security.
  • Government solutions
    Clarivate provides cutting-edge, mission-ready data solutions and services that provide actionable insights to support agency initiatives and goals.
  • Public sector requirements
    Our long-term partnerships and public sector contract vehicles reduce challenges through an easy and efficient collaboration process.
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Our public sector experts

Our team of trusted experts are indispensable partners experienced in working within the government community.

Anand Desai

Principal Consultant

Ed White

Head of Intelligence Consulting, IP

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