Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI)

Global patent data: curated, enhanced and simplified.

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Capturing better insights from global patent publications is easier than ever.

For 60 years, Clarivate has combined the knowledge of subject matter experts with a big data approach to provide the premier source of global patent data, the Derwent World Patents Index. The DWPI team of 900+ editors analyzes, abstracts and indexes nearly 90,000 new patent publications every week.

R&D teams, IP professionals and over 40 national patent offices around the world rely on DWPI to help them find more relevant patents in less time.

Patent research to accelerate your innovation.

  1. Capture more comprehensive, more relevant keyword search results
    DWPI improved keyword search results by 79% compared to worldwide patent searches performed without DWPI on other patent search platforms.
  2. Spend less time reviewing patent documents.
    DWPI abstracts are written to clearly describe the patent’s novelty, use and advantage, making it easy for you to understand what a patent covers without having to read the entire document.
  3. See an invention’s complete global patent coverage
    DWPI families go beyond priority relationships and group patents by invention, including non-convention equivalents and separating continuations that introduce new inventions into new families.

Find the right patents and capture the right insights.

Patent searching, simplified

  • Improve your keyword search results: DWPI abstracts are written using standardized terms that are more likely to match your search inputs
  • Identify relevant results quickly using descriptive, editorially-enhanced DWPI titles
  • Quickly retrieve a comprehensive set of global patents for a specific technology using an index of 26,000 codes assigned to each DWPI record

Broad regional and technology coverage for comprehensive results

  • Locate relevant prior art from 61 global sources, with deep coverage across jurisdictions and full text translated into English from over 30 original languages
  • Quickly understand a patent’s contents with abstracts that summarize novelty, use and advantage using industry-specific language written according to standard editorial rules
  • Perform in-depth analysis using standardized assignee and inventor names, translated from 30 languages, checked for transliteration errors, and verified against proprietary DWPI dictionaries.

Curated patent data for faster time to insight.

  • Filter out duplicate publications and analyze patents at invention-level using DWPI families: over 120m global patents sorted into 62m distinct invention families
  • Obtain a comprehensive view of patent and literature citations, examiner and author, forward and backward, collated at the invention level with Derwent Patents Citation Index™ (DPCI)
  • Quickly find all claimed substances, including Markush structures redrawn according to standardized rules with the Derwent Chemical Patents Index (DCPI), a subset of DWPI

DWPI: The global standard in curated patent data.

120m+ global patent publications, 62m+ DWPI families

covered by DWPI abstracts describing the invention’s novelty, use and advantage

61 global sources,

including 59 patent-issuing authorities and 2 literature sources

59m+ DWPI families

group global patent filings by distinct invention

800+ priority data errors

corrected every week for higher confidence insights

900+ patent editors

with in-depth technical expertise creating DWPI abstracts aligned with their subject matter knowledge

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