Powerful AI-driven cloud-based solutions tailor made for governments and IP Offices to make trademark and industrial design search and classification faster, clearer and more accurate

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Image-based search and examination tools made for IP Offices and Government Institutions

TrademarkVision revolutionizes the process of trademark, industrial design and patent image search, delivering results you can trust in our specialized cloud-based platform or directly into your existing search engine.

Combining a global dataset and innovative AI technology, TrademarkVision offers a suite of image search and AI classification tools which power search systems for IP offices around the world. Easily access the reliable information you need to make critical decisions with unmatched speed, flexibility and confidence.

Powerful image search, smart classification

  1. Increase examination speed and confidence
    Examiners using TrademarkVision image search and classification can examine new applications more quickly. Computer vision and deep learning algorithms compare shape, contour and texture, while object recognition determines the likely Vienna or Design codes to give comprehensive, ranked results.
  2. Higher quality applications, increased public satisfaction
    Through direct offering of powerful image search and AI classification tools to public applicants, offices can transparently support SMEs by helping them to research proposed marks and file high-quality applications.
  3. Greater consistency
    Code-based searching relies on multiple levels of subjectivity. Everyone in the system must always select and search the same codes. Through image search, the high potential risk for costly mistakes is eliminated.

Product Overview

TrademarkVision: search image marks

  • Examine new applications, quickly. Rather than relying on subjective code-based search methods, our image recognition technology automatically analyzes key design attributes and compares them to millions of records, matching image for image.
  • Relevance ranked results help you streamline your review time.
  • With TrademarkVision simply drag and drop, no more codes.
  • Get direct access via dedicated APIs or use TrademarkVision’s full-featured platform.

DesignVision: search industrial designs

  • Searching industrial designs is no longer a complex, time-consuming and error-prone challenge.
  • With TrademarkVision simply drag and drop, no more codes.
  • Get direct access via dedicated APIs or ask our team to run searches directly.
  • All results sets return similar designs in seconds.

AI Trademark Classification

  • The traditional approach to classifying new applications is time consuming, subjective, and prone to error.
  • TrademarkVision’s AI can automatically suggest likely relevant codes, speeding the process and increasing accuracy.
  • The assistive classification platform allows users to adjust confidence thresholds for suggestions, manually add codes, classify specific sections of an application, and more.

AI Goods and Services Classification

  • Can be utilized by the public to help SME’s and single filers to file higher quality applications.
  • Advanced Natural language processing can quickly identify whether goods and services claims have been placed in the correct/incorrect class by applicants .
  • Go beyond exact text matching. The goods and services classifier can identify synonyms to known picklist/preapproved terms (i.e., Apartment = flat or soccer = football).
  • Models are custom trained on your office’s own picklist/preapproved terms.
  • Analyze individual terms or large blocks containing dozens of claims.


AI Smart Rules Checker

  • Custom built AI and reference based rules can alert applicants to issues, before they file.
  • Text based rules can identify concerns like the use of prohibited words/language, common surnames, merely descriptive trademark names, etc.
  • Image based rules can identify concerns like the inclusion of Article 6Ster logos/flags, the inclusion of ® elements when not allowed, prohibited images like the Olympic rings, etc.

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