On-demand Webinar

Deal making in uncertain times

Exploring the scientific, political and financial headwinds impacting biopharma ambitions

Michael Ward
Head of Thought leadership Life sciences
Avaleigh Milne
Head of Business Development for Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED)
Hiro Usuda
Senior Manager, Business Development
Robert Williamson
President and COO
Triumvira Immunologics
Sasha Huhalov
Executive Director, Head Search and Evaluation for Oncology, Cell Therapy, and Global Biologics
Thaminda Ramanayake
Chief Business Officer
Affini-T Therapeutics
Dr. Werner Lanthaler
Chief Executive Officer

With loss of exclusivity looming for some of the best-selling drugs, pharma companies are going to have to find new sources of revenue to backfill. A glance at the 2022 best selling drugs demonstrates how reliant many pharma companies are on external innovation (e.g. Humira, Comirnaty, Keytruda).

Until recently, the availability of capital facilitated the relationship between pharma and biotechs to become increasingly more symbiotic; pharma companies would provide financial resources and technical expertise while biotechs provided access to the cutting edge of science and technology. The downturn of the capital markets means industry deal making is seeing new trends. In this webinar we will take a look at what 2023 deal making looks like for both sides of pharma and biotech.

In this webinar, our panelists will answer questions such as –

  • How important is external innovation to pharma company ambitions and how is that likely to evolve?
  • What kinds of assets are pharmaceutical companies looking to bring on board? Are they seeking to shore up existing franchises or to buy in to new platforms and modalities?
  • How early are companies investing in biotechs or assets? How much risk are they willing to tolerate and where is the threshold in terms of clinical evidence or proof of concept?
  • Given the state of capital markets and biotechs’ difficulties in raising funds, how is this impacting the kinds of deals that being struck?
  • Where do pharmas see whitespace opportunities in this market environment? Where are the must-invest areas of emerging science (e.g., AI/ML, ADCs and bispecifics, etc.)?
  • What challenges are pharma’s prospective partners are facing in weighing deals, and how do they resolve them?
  • Forensically dissect: Reflect on a recent deal — what was strategic intent and how was deal structured to reflect that intent?
  • What types of deals are pharmas pursuing (e.g., partnering vs. outright M&A)? What sorts of acquisitions are companies doing (i.e. mega-M&A deals vs. exclusive access bolt-on deals)?