Advanced IP cost forecasting powered by predictive AI

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Next-generation IP cost forecasting

Having accurate cost predictions is critical for making the most of your IP budget. Forecast gives you powerful budget forecasting and planning capabilities, seamlessly integrated with Clarivate IP management systems (IPMS). Predictive analysis powered by artificial intelligence (AI) improves budget planning to make better financial decisions while avoiding costly surprises.


Forecast demo

Watch this demo to explore Forecast and discover how it empowers users to analyze costs by type, country, and vendor, facilitating strategic decision-making and cost efficiencies within the IP department.

Why choose Forecast?

  1. Transform your efficiency
    Save time and money by eliminating time-consuming, subjective, and error-prone manual processes. Forecast automatically imports IP portfolio data from your IPMS, providing a single source of truth for all IP-related costs.
  2. Hit your budget consistently
    Track actuals against forecasts, with real-time alerts to help keep you on track. Run “what if” budget scenarios to assess the impact of decisions, reducing the risk of budget under- or over-runs. AI technology automatically analyzes the factors impacting your IP costs, generating accurate budget predictions.
  3. Accelerate IP budget approvals
    Intuitive visual dashboards and easy-to-create custom reports let you collaborate more efficiently with stakeholders and decision makers. Shorten your time to budget approval with the advanced workflow engine.

IP budget planning made fast and easy

AI-powered forecasting

Forget complex Excel spreadsheets and rule-driven forecasts. Predictive artificial intelligence (AI) continually analyzes and learns from your IP cost history to deliver accurate forecasts to inform strategic IP and budget planning decisions—automatically.

Real-time insight

Intuitive dashboards and custom reports make it easy to track actual costs against forecasts, so you can proactively course-correct to stay on budget. View costs across your portfolio or by business unit, patent family, IP right, vendor, technology, etc. Drill down to record-level costs and KPIs. Easily share forecast information with decision-makers.

Test budget scenarios

Analyze the budget impact of strategic IP decisions with “what if” scenarios to chart a course with a clear understanding of financial implications.

Streamline budget workflows

The advanced workflow engine streamlines budget approval processes, enabling stakeholders to access, review and approve budget figures and new expenditures. Forecast provides a “single source of truth,” ensuring all stakeholders have access to the same updated information.

Seamless integration

Forecast integrates seamlessly with your Clarivate IPMS, automatically capturing information about your IP portfolio and offering easy access to forecasts. Cost data can also be captured from leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) or enterprise legal management (ELM) systems.

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