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Our team works as an extension of yours, reducing your workload and allowing your staff to focus on more valuable strategic work.

We provide support in multiple languages to help ensure open and clear communication. Our docketing specialists work with the EPO, WIPO and national patent and trademark offices to handle all correspondence and formalities across the entire prosecution cycle.

Why outsource your docketing?

  1. Free your team
    Paralegals experience increasing pressures due to growing volumes of docketing tasks. Outsource docketing with Clarivate and free your staff to focus on more valuable tasks.
  2. Unlock more budget
    Docketing is a manual process that requires time and thus represents a substantial portion of any budget. Outsourcing docketing with Clarivate frees your budget which can be put to better use elsewhere.
  3. Decrease the pressure
    Docketing needs to be done right because mistakes can be costly. Minimizing this risk requires a quality management process and skilled team of experts. Our docketing solution is a resource you can consistently rely on.

Key features

IP management system integration

All received communication is docketed in your IP management system through remote access, ensuring seamless workflow integration. Our team is well versed with all the major systems on the market.

Recurring detailed reporting

Receive regular reporting with detailed metrics on quality, turn-around-time and productivity so you know you are getting the most efficient service.

Information security

Our operations center is ISO27001 certified with controls to ensure ultimate confidentiality, integrity and security of your data.

Dedicated point of contact

All clients have a dedicated contact person on the docketing team. This single point of contact ensures requests, concerns, and feedback are received and rigorously processed.

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