Global patent search and analytics software dedicated to Chinese users

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Reliable patent insights to help Chinese R&D and IP professionals make smarter decisions

User-friendly interface combined with comprehensive, accurate global patent data to enable in-depth research

  • Enhance your technology and IP competitive advantage
    Compare global filing trends, technology focus areas and patent portfolios of Chinese and multinational companies. incoPat provides in-depth competitive intelligence to help you stay ahead.
  • Improve innovation efficiency
    User friendly interface makes it easy for Chinese inventors to use patent data to find white space, assess novelty from a global perspective, and accelerate innovation.
  • Navigate the Chinese IP landscape with confidence
    Evaluate patent infringement risk and explore patent white space to evaluate the opportunity for your business in the Chinese market.

Navigate the global patent landscape with speed and confidence

English / Chinese search

Remove the language barriers from patent search. Review patent titles and abstracts in both Chinese and English.

AI Search with patent DNA map

Quickly retrieve a comprehensive, relevant set of patents starting with a simple invention description.

Current and comprehensive global data

Search 170m patent publications from more than 170 authorities, updated 4x per week.

Multi-dimensional analysis

Perform in-depth, customizable statistical analysis using 110+ data dimensions.

In-depth patent search

Search with precision and confidence using more than 400+ structured data fields and correlated citations.

Intuitive visualizations and reporting

Share insights with stakeholders quickly using a wide range of flexible visualizations and report templates.

incoPat helps Schneider Electric make high confidence decisions

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