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Never miss a critical piece of information

Monitor the competitive landscape, validate investments and strategically prioritize your portfolio so you can focus on maximizing ROI and improving patient outcomes.

Make sense of the vast amount of drug development intelligence with broad and deep drug pipeline data providing a complete picture of your competitive landscape.

How we help

  1. Understand the complete drug pipeline
    Monitor the competition – companies and drugs – in your therapeutic area of interest with pipeline intelligence covering the entire development lifecycle, from discovery and preclinical through product launch.
  2. Generate more comprehensive pipeline forecasts
    Predict the likelihood and timing of competing drug launches in the United States, Europe and Asia with the Drug Timelines & Success Rates (DTSR) statistical modeling methodology and machine learning-based predictive analytics.
  3. Validate your investments
    Inform confident portfolio and business development decisions using expansive coverage of clinical, deals, regulatory and patent information tied to each drug and company, all sourced from global conferences and the latest industry news and press releases.

Why choose us

Manually curated and dynamically updated multi-source data

  • Stringent editorial review, including quality approval and fact validation
  • Updated daily with the latest clinical trial results, company releases, peer-reviewed literature and more
  • Global coverage of more than 2,300 diseases, including rare and niche diseases, corresponding to more than 80,000 drugs and biologics in active or inactive development
  • Sourced from press releases, clinical trial registries, conference findings, company websites, broker research reports, patents, and more

Comprehensive and granular predictive analysis

  • DTSR provides 25% more accurate predictions when compared to standard benchmarking models
  • Predictions based on 20+ years of historic drug development data
  • Over 100 data inputs that include scientific data like biomarkers and drug target family
  • 100+ success indicators with details on how each influences the predictions

User-friendly interface and filters

  • More than 20 granular filters allow you to pinpoint the data you need to answer specific questions about your drug, therapy area or target of interest
  • Customizable, comprehensive exports enable additional analysis
  • Automated alerts tailored for the topics and frequency that works for you

Seamless access to additional solutions

  • Integrated access to regulatory, drug discovery, clinical trial, deals, and generics intelligence through the unified Cortellis suite
  • Direct links and single sign-on make it easy to find related content across Cortellis platforms
  • Data also available via APIs or data feeds

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