Identify the unauthorized use of your trademark online with our web solutions.

Web Watch

Rely on CompuMark to help protect your brand from abuse on the Web. Our Web Watch identifies instances of potential misuse of your word or design marks, including brand identity/derogatory remarks, unauthorized use, and confusingly similar brands. We uncover the most relevant results in a vast sea of web content, so you can act decisively.

  • Customized watch strategies are tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Expert Analysts review results and select only the most relevant hits, saving you time
  • Clear, concise monthly reports provide screen shots and live links to the identified websites and WHOIS information, when available.
  • Access results quickly and streamline your review with Watch on SERION

Domain Name Watch

Get the certainty you need to protect your trademark or domain name against newly registered domain names that could interfere with yours. We report identical and closely identical domain names, so you can act quickly to protect your online brand.

  • Available for ccTLDs and/or gTLDs
  • Valuable risk mitigation for today’s web-centric marketplace

Social Media Username Watch

Is someone using your trademark as a username on social media? Identify potential misuse of your brand on social media rapidly and confidently. We watch key social media websites, alerting you when a watched trademark appears as a username on major social media sites, so you can act quickly to protect your brand.

  • Provides essential insight for mitigating brand risk on social media
  • Eliminates the time-consuming task of manually monitoring social media, reducing administrative burdens
  • Access results quickly with Watch on SERION —clickable links provide access to the pages for real-time evaluation

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