Comprehensive, curated and annotated GENESEQ biological sequences

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Manually-captured sequence information not available in any other sequence data source

GENESEQ™ is a proprietary database used to easily search and identify biological sequences (DNA, RNA and protein sequences) covered in patents from 56 issuing authorities. Manually annotated to highlight IP context and biological significance, GENESEQ™ allows IP professionals and biologic scientists to spend less time searching and understanding biological sequence data and easily assess patentability, identify potential infringing patents and track competitor activities.

  • Find biological sequences not available in other databases
  • Easily survey the sequence patent landscape
  • Establish freedom to operate and patentability
  • Quickly assess the context of the sequence in the patent
  • Revel potential patent infringements
  • Identify prior art

Worldwide coverage of biological sequences

167 M

Biological sequences

488 K

Unique patents with biological sequences


Unique patents added every week


Global patent authorities including WO, US, EP, JP, DE, IN, KR, and CN

See the entire patent landscape surrounding biological sequences

Find context faster with annotated analysis

GENESEQ’s expert editorial team provides written summaries that clarify and explain sequence novelty and the actual utility of a given sequence, including:

  • Enhanced patent titles
  • Record detail includes organism name, gene/protein name, sequence modification or other highlighted biologically significant regions of the sequence, and associated disease information
  • Sequence location within the patent document
  • Standardized, full bibliographic data
  • Links to identical records from NCBI and SWISSPROT, Gene Ontology (GO) when provided in the patent
  • 40 biology and life sciences experts support the GENESEQ editorial process

Simplify the complexity of biological sequences

GENESEQ ensures you are seeing the entire patent landscape surrounding the biological sequence under investigation. Manually curated and professionally annotated, it covers all biological sequences patented since 1981 from worldwide patent-issuing authorities – including WO, US, EP, JP, DE, IN, KR, and CN.

Never miss a patent with complete timely coverage

Uniquely, we go beyond what is available in electronic sequence submissions to bring you all sequences – even “hard-to-find” sequences in figures and tables so that you have the complete picture.

  • Nucleic acid sequences 10 or more bases in length
  • Amino acid sequences 4 or more residues in length
  • All PCR primers and probes of any length

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