Cortellis Generics Intelligence & Global Pricing Trends

Understand the global generics landscape and make better decisions

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Make life-saving treatments more accessible

Make timely and data-driven business decisions in the highly competitive and fast-changing generics and biosimilars markets with a comprehensive, single source of market performance, patent and manufacturing data.

Have confidence you’re making the most informed IP, sourcing, portfolio and business development decisions using reliable and integrated data in a single, easily searchable solution. Strategically develop your portfolio, find API suppliers, gain insight on when drugs lose exclusivity and monitor your competition.

How we help

  1. Pinpoint when a drug will go generic to expand your portfolio
    Identify when a drug will lose exclusivity and identify new launch opportunities using expertly curated and searchable data compiled into a Constraint Date Forecast and Product Selector Tool.
  2. Efficiently plan launches
    Make data-driven decisions to inform your launch strategies, sales forecasts and commercial plans with easily accessible and digestible global sales, kg consumption, pack price and market share data all in a single, trusted solution.
  3. Understand global pricing trends
    Inform product selection or portfolio rationalization with a better understanding of market dynamics, dose form advantage and reimbursement trends provided by comparable currency and historical pricing data.

Why choose us

All-inclusive data in a single, integrated location

  • 72K+ companies, including API and dose manufacturers
  • 61 K+ small molecules and biologics
  • 26 K+ supplementary protection certificates
  • 1.1M+ worldwide patents, including patent families, SPCs and patent litigation
  • 18 K+ synthesis schemes

Global Pricing Trends

  • Optional module to optimize pricing strategies, anticipate payer pressure, determine impact on market access and plan future launches
  • Pricing and reimbursement intelligence of final dose formulations across 90+ markets
  • Historical market share and pricing data of up to 5 years for United States and Latin America markets

Easy-to-use, intuitive tools

Constraint Date Forecast:

  • Identifies earliest time a drug can enter the generic market
  • Based on several data sources such as constraining patents, exclusivities and SPCs
  • Includes one date for each country

Product and company selectors:

  • Provide ability to quickly identify new launch opportunities based on specific criteria
  • Connect ~50 product and company criteria around LOE, market potential and competitiveness

Timely updates and alerts

  • Daily updates for US patent challenges
  • Weekly updates for manufacturing and patent intelligence
  • Monthly or quarterly updates for market performance
  • Customizable email alerts for new or updated product or company data

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