We provide technical consulting and expertise across the product journey, helping our clients maximize the value of their available evidence and addressing gaps to support successful access and reimbursement strategies within their target markets.

Our team consists of technical experts including health economists, statisticians, medical writers, in-house graphic designers, commercial assessment analysts, systematic reviewers, and COA specialists, enabling us to provide bespoke, end-to-end solutions across the product lifecycle with the goal of optimizing market access.

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Clinical outcomes assessment

Our experts can streamline your clinical development strategy with fit-for-purpose PROs and other COA instruments to support regulatory,  communication, and reimbursement strategies.​

Offerings include: ​

  • COA reviews (targeted literature reviews and gap analysis)​
  • COA development​
  • COA content validation​
  • COA interpretation
  • COA regulatory support
  • COA training​
  • Preference studies​
  • Utility studies​
  • COA general consultancy (e.g., clinical trial protocol reviews)​
  • COA publication/dissemination

Health economics

We design, construct, data populate, test and adapt economic models to demonstrate product value and increase likelihood of positive funding decisions in your target markets​.

Offerings include:​

  • Early analysis and economic modeling​ ​
  • Multi-country adaptation support​
  • Evidence generation strategy​
  • Post-launch economic tool development (e.g., iPad-based BIMs)​ ​
  • Consultancy and training (economic evidence generation strategy, mentorship of internal modeling teams)​
  • Clinical trial data analysis ​ ​
  • Real-world data analysis
  • Publications

Health technology assessment (HTA)

Clarivate can develop, coordinate and deliver a robust HTA strategy to effectively convey the benefit of your asset for favorable reimbursement outcomes in target markets​.

Offerings include: ​

  • HTA strategy development and support​ ​
  • HTA dossier development​ ​
  • HTA model and SLR development, critique and adaptation​ ​
  • Early HTA/scientific advice ​  ​
  • Customized submissions ​
  • Mock committee meetings ​​  ​ ​

Evidence generation

Clarivate can develop robust, reproducible, high quality systematic literature reviews and indirect treatment comparisons to support HTA submissions and Market Access activities. Our offerings include:

  • Systematic literature reviews
    • HTA submissions
    • Economic models​ ​
    • Product development ​
    • Market access strategy​  ​
  • Targeted literature reviews
    • Value message development
    • Core value dossiers​ ​
    • Global and local market access activities ​
    • Directing future research and evidence generation​
  • Statistical analyses
    • Feasibility assessments
    • Pair-wise meta-analysis​
    • Indirect treatment comparisons​
    • Network meta-analyses
    • Consultancy and training

Value communications

Develop a robust value proposition that resonates with payers and providers and design value-focused, evidence-based messaging to engage customers​.

Offerings include: ​

  • Payer communication strategy ​ ​
  • Global value dossiers ​
  • Payer value stories​ ​ ​
  • Value proposition development and testing​  ​  ​
  • Objection handling ​  ​
  • Localization guides and adaptation support​  ​​  ​ ​
  • Value message library development​ ​ ​
  • Digital tools (e.g., iPad BIMs and SMART Decks)​ ​  ​
  • Tools for internal alignment and training ​  ​  ​
  • Publications (posters, abstracts, peer-reviewed manuscripts)​  ​ ​

Biopharma customer engagement solution

Uncover and truly understand customer perceptions, needs and behaviors so you can effectively engage with physicians, patients and payers.

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