Litigation Intelligence

Darts-ip™ global IP case law data that informs confident IP decisions.

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Litigation Intelligence

Unlock valuable insights with global IP case law data from Darts-ip™

Darts-ip provides litigation intelligence that is indexed, available digitally and easily searchable for trademarks, patents, designs and models, copyrights, domain names and unfair competition.

  • Maximize the value of IP assets
    Easily search over 9 949 842 cases cases that have been analyzed to date. Leverage litigation intelligence to make better legal decisions, identify new opportunities and build winning strategies.
  • Monitor litigation activities globally
    Set up alerts or order custom reports to follow the judicial activities of your prospects and clients anywhere in the world.
  • Assess risk
    Quickly find all the cases involving a specific IP asset or a certain party as plaintiff or defendant, from anywhere in the world.
  • Get comprehensive insights into the litigation landscape of any IP asset
    Extract raw data or leverage our clear data visualization and analytics solutions tools to obtain a global overview into the global litigation activity surrounding specific IP assets.

Leverage the full power of IP case data with Darts-ip

Access the data you need easily, anytime: utilize our online platform for custom searches, request case law data and analytics reports from our experts, or explore case law integrations in our market-leading trademark and patent solutions.

IP cases platform

IP professionals around the world rely on the Darts-ip platform to support their prosecution and litigation activities.

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Reports and analytics

We deliver custom reports that help you identify trends, answer complex questions and make confident decisions based on Darts-ip global data and AI-powered analytics.

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An integrated view

Tap into the combined power of Darts-ip global litigation data that is integrated with CompuMark trademark and Derwent patent solutions.

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See how patent reassignment and litigation data can help you anticipate new competitive threats in your industry.

Managing IP risk in the era of technology convergence.

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Our products

Darts-ip Patent Case Law Data

The market-leading source of global patent case data, litigation trends and insights.

Darts-ip Trademark Case Law Data

The largest and only global IP case law database dedicated to trademark cases.

Darts-ip Copyright Case Law Data

Global copyright cases database with copyright-specific search tools.

Darts-ip Design and Model Case Law Data

The largest design and model cases database that collects and analyzes data on a global scale.

Darts-ip Domain Name Case Law Data

The only source for worldwide domain name arbitration and litigation data.

Custom Case Law Data Reports

Get answers to your complex questions. Our experts deliver custom reports based on your needs.

Case Law Search Services

Order litigation searches directly with a Clarivate litigation services expert to find the data you need.

Darts-ip Litigation Data APIs

Automate workflows with programmatic access to litigation data.

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