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Cortellis™ accelerates life sciences innovation via trusted intelligence and actionable insights. Our accredited global alliance program delivers value-added solutions by combining Cortellis offerings with those of technology and service providers. Partner with us to fuel profitable growth, increase revenue and deliver greater value to your customers.

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Structured programs to support your success.

Partners can augment their existing offerings with our expertise, intelligence and data science capabilities to expand growth opportunities and drive incremental revenue. Our structured program provides enhanced access to curated content, comprehensive training resources, integration support and joint marketing initiatives – all designed to maximize our combined capabilities.

Access to leading industry intelligence

Flexible licensing terms available.

Tiered partner framework

Provides a path for future growth based on your needs.

Coordinated business development

Lead sharing and joint promotion.

Dedicated partner team

Training, enablement and certification programs.

Greater reach

High-impact, collaborative Marketing programs to customers and prospects.

Dynamic support

Help from industry experts plus training materials to empower your team.

Partner spotlight.

Applying Clarivate intelligence across discovery and pre-clinical applications.

Solving clients’ data management and analytical challenges using Cortellis intelligence.

Enabling the direct transfer of experimental results into biological pathways analytics.

Delivering actionable toxicity and safety intelligence to life science professionals.

Accreditation ensures confidence – and quality.

We require our partners to be accredited through a multi-step program, which includes following a comprehensive audit of policies and procedures, completing training programs to ensure appropriate use and interpretation of Cortellis intelligence, and successfully demonstrating data and/or application integration (if appropriate). This rigorous process ensures that partners’ offerings are high quality, and that partners can be relied on to provide their offerings to minimize risk and maximize value.

Recent news

Clarivate Analytics introduces Cortellis Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) to accelerate drug discovery and development

Plug-and-play analytic toolkits enable self-service access to continually updated molecular biology datasets and deliver greater flexibility, efficiency and value.

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New alliance between Clarivate Analytics and BioInfogate...

Bioinfogate, a leading healthcare data science organization, today announced it has entered into a global agreement with Clarivate Analytics to cross-link the OFF-X translational safety intelligence portal with Cortellis pre-clinical intelligence.

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Clarivate Analytics launches Cortellis Cloud...

Clarivate Analytics, a global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics to accelerate the pace of innovation, today launched Cortellis Cloud, an integrated, scalable technology platform that serves as a single point of access to Cortellis, the company’s suite of life science intelligence solutions.

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Clarivate Analytics joins Accenture’s Life Sciences Ecosystem...

Clarivate Analytics has joined Accenture’s open partner ecosystem, which is designed to help independent software vendors (ISVs), specialized content providers, and life sciences companies team more effectively to advance drug discovery efforts and improve patient outcomes.

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