Top 100 Global
Innovators 2022

Establishing new value for the world

The way ideas are formed, where they are created and how they connect is evolving – so too does the manner in which we measure them.

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What is the Top 100 Global Innovators?

The Top 100 Global Innovators is a list of companies and institutions that contribute new ideas, solve problems and create new economic value.

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Why measure innovation?

The landscape of ideas is evolving more rapidly, and in more directions, than at any time in history. Our Vision remains constant – to improve the way the world creates, protects and advances innovation.

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How do we do measure?

Assessing innovativeness for 2022, and beyond, switches to a view where every invention, no matter the source, is compared to all others.

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Beyond the Top 100

By extending the view beyond the Top 100 Global Innovators to the deeper top 1,000 entities, we can visualize the performance of countries, regions and industry sectors.

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The direction of ideas to come

We use the measures and metrics of the Top 100 Global Innovators program, extending out the trend lines and using excellence in innovation performance, to assess the likely shape of future ideation.

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