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Capture the right insights from the world’s patent data to make higher confidence decisions for creating, protecting and commercializing innovation.

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Better decisions start with better insights

Better decisions start with better insights

  1. Answer your IP questions with confidence
    Enhanced data, invention summaries and expert search options ensure your patent search results are more relevant, comprehensive and accurate.
  2. Faster, more informed FTO decisions
    Identify the most relevant records and analyze global litigation activity, case details, legal status and predicted remaining life in a single workflow
  3. Stay on top of potential threats and capture opportunities
    Watch for new filings in a particular domain and monitor records of interest for changes in legal status, reassignment, citations and more

Search full text patent data from 75 jurisdictions


Check patents for litigation activity across 140 jurisdictions

51 M

Analyze global patent activity for over 51 million invention-level families

34 K+

Explore non-patent publications from over 34,000 journals on 254 subjects

300 +

Build focused searches with over 300 standard fields and Boolean commands

Patent research can be challenging. See tips on how you can tackle it in this white paper.

Cut through the noise and lower your risk

Cut through the noise and lower your risk

  • Find the most relevant records with patent search built for IP professionals
    Powerful search algorithms, DWPI global indexing, enhanced patent content and 300+ normalized, searchable fields work together to deliver results you can trust
  • Higher quality keyword search results
    Improve your keyword search results with DWPI abstracts: invention summaries written using standard terminology and translated from 40+ original languages
  • Fill in the gaps with enhanced patent data
    See the complete picture with derived and correlated data – from legal status, global family members, current assignee, litigation activity and more
  • Identify the records most likely to make an impact
    Compare patents and evaluate risk using predictive metrics that indicate probability of grant, early lapse and industry influence
  • Review patents quickly
    Understand a patent’s claims in less time – each DWPI record clearly states a patent’s novelty, use and advantage
  • Prior art searching that goes beyond patents
    Search non-patent publications from over 34,000 journals spanning 254 subjects
  • AI-powered semantic search that you can control
    See the search terms generated from your free text input; quickly refine your search by adding, removing, or changing the order of these terms

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