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What if you could uncover new connections in research with guaranteed quality, impact, and neutrality?

Research data is booming. The opportunity to reveal meaningful linkages – between past and current research, between collaborators, between funding and research impact – is huge, as long as you start with the right data.

With the Web of Science platform, you can access an unrivalled breadth of world-class research literature linked to a rigorously selected core of journals and uniquely discover new information through meticulously captured metadata and citation connections.

The Web of Science platform connects the Web of Science Core Collection to regional citation indexes, patent data, specialized subject indexes, and an index of research data sets, all in all totaling over 33,000 journals, meaning you have the breadth you need to be truly comprehensive in your search.

Find out what makes Web of Science Core Collection the most accurate, objective, and complete resource available.

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Customize your subscription for the needs of your institution – choose a single database, all databases, or any combination. And when you add on an archive, you can make critical connections from over 100 years of multidisciplinary research leveraging the most relevant and impactful discoveries.

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Uncovering the Right Research

Uncovering the Right Research

Join us in the first installment of a new video series which dives into the key challenges in research today.

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