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Increasing transparency, attribution, and accountability

Increasing transparency, attribution, and accountability

  1. Uncover hidden opportunities to advance your research
    Validate study findings or reuse data in your own work by simplifying the discovery of research data sets and studies across disciplines and repositories.
  2. Share and promote the results of funded projects
    Access a trusted reference of resources for researchers depositing data. Increase the discoverability of research data that you have funded.
  3. Demonstrate the full impact of research output
    Track citations to the data you have shared or collected to demonstrate the impact and influence of your work as data citation practices increase.
Bring data sets into your research workflow

Bring data sets into your research workflow

  1. Connect research data to published articles
    Follow citation links between data and journal literature to understand how a data set has influenced other projects. Quickly identify which papers connect you to associated data with filters and tags.
  2. Streamline discovery
    Search across millions of standardized records for data sets, studies, and software from hundreds of evaluated repositories in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities.
  3. Download data
    Quickly access relevant research data with direct links to repositories from each record. Over 95% of data meeting Data Citation Index’s selection criteria is open.
  4. Reference data
    Copy and paste the recommended format for citing data sets, data studies. and software to make proper attribution easy.

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