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The SciELO Citation Index™ helps researchers make connections to the broader research landscape, for a more complete global picture, by discovering new insights from research in regional journals in Latin America, Spain, Portugal, the Caribbean and South Africa​.

SciELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online) is a program of the Sao Paulo Research Foundation for the cooperative publishing of open access journals on the internet. It is supported by the National Council of Scientific and Technological Development and is a partnership with the Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information.

When connected to the multidisciplinary citations on the Web of Science™ platform, the SciELO Citation Index becomes so much more. Nearly every discovery is influenced by earlier research, both in its subject area and in related fields, and a publication can have significant influence and impact on other research after is has been published. No other platform has a full citation network to accurately and confidently connect you to the highest quality multidisciplinary research.

Critically important regional content

  • Over 1,300 titles 
  • Over 900k records​
  • Coverage back to 2002​ ​
  • Open access content with links to full text
  • Weekly updates from the SciELO Brazil data feed​
  • Simplified discovery process for local information in a regional database​ ​
  • An easy search experience with local language interface​

Why use SciELO on Web of Science?

Broader citation connections

​Only on Web of Science can you track citation impact for SciELO’s Citation Index articles and easily navigate to all citing articles across the Web of Science platform.

Connect to the Core Collection

Connect SciELO Citation Index to Web of Science Core Collection™ – the world’s only true citation index – with over 21,000 carefully selected journals and over 1.8 billion citation connections across the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities.

‘All Database’ searching

Run an ‘All Database’ search to include SciELO Citation Index alongside your institution’s full Web of Science subscription to see everything in your subject specialty and beyond.

Access trusted full text

Easily identify, filter and access Open Access articles in SciELO Citation Index, and get one-click access to Open Access and subscribed articles with EndNote™ Click.

Visual results analysis

Explore trends and gain unique insights into your search results with Web of Science’s intuitive visual analysis tool.

Coverage Areas: ​

  • Agricultural sciences​
  • Applied social science​
  • Biological sciences​
  • Engineering​
  • Exact and earth sciences​
  • Health sciences​
  • Linguistics, letters and arts​
  • Mathematics​
  • Physics​
  • Social sciences


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