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Global Health, produced by CABI Publishing, is the definitive international public health database. It completes the picture of international medical and health research by capturing key literature not covered by other databases.  Literature on developing countries, sociological aspects, and more — Global Health provides unique information on a wide range of biomedical topics, with a truly international reach.​ ​

When connected to the multidisciplinary citations on the Web of Science™ platform, CABI Global Health becomes so much more! Nearly every discovery is influenced by earlier research, both in its subject area and in related fields, and a publication can have significant influence and impact on other research after is has been published. No other platform has a full citation network to accurately and confidently connect you to the highest quality multidisciplinary research.

CAB Abstracts on Web of Science coverage:

CAB Abstracts on Web of Science coverage:

  1. 54% of the journals contained in Global Health are not in PubMed: around 70% are not in Medline or Embase.​
  2. Uncover relevant results in related fields​
  3. Detect emerging trends that help you pursue successful research and grant acquisition​
  4. See where top researchers are publishing and presenting findings​
  5. Identify potential collaborators with significant publication records​
  6. Ease searching, writing, and bibliography creation into one integrated process​
Why use Global Health on Web of Science?

Why use Global Health on Web of Science?

  1. Broader citation connections
    Only on Web of Science can you track citation impact for CAB Abstracts’ indexed articles and easily navigate to all citing articles across the Web of Science platform.
  2. Connect to the Core Collection
    Connect CAB Abstracts to Web of Science Core Collection™ – the world’s only true citation index – with over 21,000 carefully selected journals and over 1.5 billion citation connections across the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities.
  3. ‘All Database’ searching
    Run an ‘All Database’ search to include CAB Abstracts alongside your institution’s full Web of Science subscription to see everything in your subject specialty and beyond.
  4. Access trusted full text
    Easily identify, filter and access Open Access articles in CAB Abstracts, and get one-click access to Open Access and subscribed articles with EndNote Click.
  5. Visual results analysis
    Explore trends and gain unique insights into your search results with Web of Science’s intuitive visual analysis tool.

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