Arabic Citation Index

The first local language citation index for the Arabic region, hosted on Web of Science.

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The Arabic Citation Index (ARCI), a new database on the Web of Science platform, makes Arabic journals more accessible to researchers worldwide by connecting Arabic scholarly content to the global citation network of high quality, peer-reviewed scholarly literature with more than 1.8 billion cited research references.

Funded by the Egyptian government and built Clarivate, ARCI is searchable in both Arabic and English, and hosted on the Web of Science platform.

Indexing Arabic publications provides local scientific communities with the ability to contribute to national, regional, and international research efforts – facilitating collaboration and extending the Arabic academic footprint.

Why use Arabic Citation Index on Web of Science?

Broader citation connections

Only on Web of Science can you track citation impact for Arabic Citation Index’s articles and easily navigate to all citing articles across the Web of Science platform.

Connect to the Core Collection

Connect Arabic Citation Index to Web of Science Core Collection – the world’s only true citation index – with over 21,000 carefully selected journals and over 1.8 billion citation connections across the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities.

All Databases searching

Run an All Databases search to include Arabic Citation Index alongside your institution’s full Web of Science subscription to see everything in your subject specialty and beyond.

Access trusted full text

Easily identify, filter and access Open Access articles in Arabic Citation Index, and get one-click access to Open Access and subscribed articles with Kopernio.

Visual results analysis

Explore trends and gain unique insights into your search results with Web of Science’s intuitive visual analysis tool.


Learn about the many benefits of ARCI

Built on the Web of Science, ARCI helps enhance the presence of Arab scientific research and uncover trends in modern Arab scientific research. With ARCI, explore an ever-growing collection of expertly-curated Arabic journals to see a more comprehensive picture of global scholarly research.

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