Biopharma Market sizing and forecasting Analytics

Increased accuracy and confidence to better evaluate market opportunities and allocation of investments

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Research teams need to obtain faster and more timely answers to their business questions.

Because of evolving market dynamics, it is increasingly essential that pharmas get their forecasting right, whether for a broad therapy area or a sub-population of patients. However, most research methods have limitations that can result in inaccurate forecasts — with costly repercussions.

Our data scientists and epidemiologists combine epidemiology with real world data, helping pharma teams gain a deep understanding of a disease population for more accurate biopharma market sizing & forecasting analytics and greater confidence in planning commercial investments.

How we help

Clarivate combines epidemiology and real world data so research teams can:

Benchmark your forecasts with biopharma market data on the total potential and addressable market

Validate your investments using bottom-up forecasting

Identify growth opportunities and understand how populations will change over time

Track disease stages, sub-populations and treatment flow

Estimate drug-treated populations with insights from therapeutic experts and primary biopharma market research

Our approach

We partner with brand teams to answer tough business questions, laying the groundwork for precise forecasting and strategic implementation:

Segment by therapy area

Segment by sub-population

Key questions:

  • How big is the market opportunity? Does this market warrant pursuit?
  • What is the overall prevalence and the drug-treated prevalence for this condition?​
  • What comorbid conditions do relevant patients have?​
  • How many untreated patients have this condition?​
  • What does the physician profile look like for these patients?
  • What are key differences between patients receiving my drug versus competitor drugs?​
  • What specialties most commonly diagnose these patients or initiate treatment?​
  • What are common referral patterns and who are the various HCPs that patients interact with throughout their healthcare journey?
  • Where are patients treated? What sites of care matter most?

Blended data sources

By fusing multiple data sources, true market opportunity is revealed, sales force teams are optimized, and commercial effectiveness is enabled:


  • 26 billion claims
  • Visibility into 300+ million patients total
  • 220+ million patients captured annually
  • 2+ million healthcare providers
  • 98% of 750 U.S. payers, real-time updates
  • Hospitals, physician offices, ASCs, pharmacies, long-term care, nursing facilities

Electronic health records

  • Visibility into 100+ million patients (over 3 years)
  • Diagnoses, diagnostic tests, assessments, vaccines, vitals, Rx


  • Coverage of 220+ diseases, vaccines and tumor biomarkers across up to 171 countries

Health plan formulary & lives

  • 4,500+ formularies & restrictions data from 781 US payers (>90%)
  • 100% of US population enrollment data by coverage type
  • Hospital formulary data from 240 IDNs

Social data

  • Anonymized social conversation data from public social platforms, online communities and message boards

Healthcare provider affiliation directory

  • 6.5+ million affiliations
  • Affiliations among 3,200 hospital systems and 2+ million HCPs


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