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Success in the highly competitive generics market requires speed and data-driven decisions to grow your business, defend your market share, stay ahead of competition and identify new markets, products and partners.

Go beyond sales and patent data and have confidence you’re making the most informed IP, sourcing, portfolio and business development decisions using Cortellis Generics Intelligence™, the world’s only source of reliable and integrated market performance, manufacturing and patent data in a single, easily searchable solution. Strategically develop your generics portfolio, find API suppliers, gain insight on when drugs go off patent, penetrate new markets, identify partners and monitor your competition.

Better decisions. All in a single platform.

Maintain a stable supply chain.

Establish and maintain a stable supply chain with access to validated and comprehensive API manufacturing data that allows you to pinpoint suppliers that meet your specific criteria. Gather insights and analyze their manufacturing status, capabilities, regulatory filings, inspections and more.


“[Cortellis Generics Intelligence] is one the greatest tools for us to manage our suppliers in API business. [It] provides unique and serious data for those who are responsible in supply management, control and new product development.”

Minwoo Na

Managing Director – Asia Pacific
Interchem Corporation

Identify the best partner.

Quickly find potential partners in a matter of minutes – and analyze their deal history, patent holdings, approvals and more. Confidently grow your business with support from reliable and experienced API manufacturers, dose manufacturers or marketers.


“We have had [Cortellis Generics Intelligence] for over 15 years. With competition at an all-time high, you need a place with direct information in one spot.”

Nicole Pace

Business Development and Licensing
Par Pharmaceuticals

Expand your portfolio.

Selecting the right product or market to expand your portfolio is challenging. With the intuitive Product Selector tool, create and compare a short list of potential candidates in just a few clicks with easy access to detailed product records that go beyond sales and patent data – including details on market trends, launches, manufacturing insights and more.


"Building and continually monitoring a differentiated product portfolio is critical for us, and Clarivate has helped us do just that, which is essential to our growth."

Dr. Mandar M. Kodgule

Chairman and CEO

Pinpoint when a drug will go generic.

Make faster, better decisions about when a drug can go generic using expertly curated and searchable patents, exclusivities and SPCs – all compiled into one single Constraint Date Forecast across more than 35 countries. Simplify your research efforts with detailed patent and SPC data all in one digestible product or company record.


“[Cortellis Generics Intelligence] provides a wide range of information in one place, which is otherwise difficult to obtain. [It] saves substantial time and, at the same time, provides a thorough picture on the topics.”

Florian Thaler

Head of Patents

Efficiently plan launches.

Make data-driven decisions to inform launch strategies, sales forecasts and commercial plans with easily accessible and digestible global sales, kg consumption, pack price, and market share data. Thoroughly assess markets with access to the whole picture of market performance, manufacturing, and patent information in a single, trusted solution.


"When we plan [our] generic portfolio to enter U.S. and E.U. markets, we survey information on Cortellis Generics Intelligence."

Seungryum Kim

IP Analyst
Celltrion, Inc.

Understand global pricing trends

Understand market dynamics, dose form advantage and reimbursement trends to inform product selection or portfolio rationalization. With comparable currency and historical pricing data, you can easily evaluate products across markets while assessing price evolution, forecasting future price swings and informing your pricing strategy.


“This platform is a one-stop shop for commercial as well as competitive information. It saves considerable time, it’s easy to navigate, it’s easy to download and use information as desired, and hence, it’s a productive and progressive tool for an organization.”

Amit Bansal

Business Development and Licensing

Access custom solutions for unique needs.

Clarivate consultants bring together a unique combination of robust Cortellis content (and other available data sources) with hands-on industry experience and state-of-the-art technology applications to drive life sciences innovation – faster, with independent objectivity, for better results. Our experts deliver you unrivaled data science expertise, evidence-based consulting and unbiased advice across the pharmaceutical research and development value chain.

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Never miss an opportunity using the most comprehensive intelligence available.

By using Cortellis Generics Intelligence, 81% of users estimated they’ve saved 2-3 hours per week, or more, due to increased productivity.

75% of surveyed organizations said that Cortellis Generics Intelligence’s “whole package” – market performance, manufacturing and patent data in a single integrated location – was their main driver for subscribing.

Connect data based on your company strategy or manufacturing capabilities using our flexible and interactive tools.

Nearly 80% of users from small to medium sized companies report that Cortellis Generics Intelligence has helped grow their business.

Identify new markets, products or partners in minutes using easy-to-use, comprehensive tools with criteria specific to your needs.

Stay informed on market changes with email alerts for new or updated product or company data.

Unlock the hidden insights in data.

61 K+

Small molecules and biologics

18 K+

Synthesis schemes

72 K+

Manufacturers and marketers

1.1 M+

Worldwide patents

48 K+


26 K+

Supplementary protection certificates

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