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Considerable time and expense are often spent gathering and analyzing all the relevant data for confident, strategic decisions for your generics portfolio, best-fit active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) suppliers, and most feasible partners and markets to expand your business.

Newport, a Cortellis solution, lets you strategically develop your generics portfolio, find API suppliers, gain insight on when drugs go off patent, penetrate new markets, identify partners, and monitor your competition.

Generics and API intelligence covered from all angles.

Single-source data

Quickly and thoroughly research new product and company opportunities using a single source of data on patents, sales, pack price, consumption, Paragraph IV patent challenges, API, market share, companies and launches. Gain a reliable, comprehensive resource for advanced product targeting, global API intelligence and strategic business development with integrated data from Newport.


"Newport has been a great investment for us, saving us time and money, while improving productivity."

Dr. Johann Christian Zechel

Head of Portfolio Management,
Helm AG

Powerful targeting features

Efficiently access and analyze data to quickly develop a short list of potential portfolio candidates or partners meeting your specific criteria for drug characteristics, partner experience and capabilities that fit with your strategy.


"One great thing about Newport is the distinction between confirmed and unconfirmed APIs – so we can see the complete picture straight away."

Dr. Johann Christian Zechel

Head of Portfolio Management,
Helm AG

Proven, time-saving analytics

Make faster, better decisions using proprietary analytics, based on primary research, such as the Newport Constraint Date (covering 36 countries), API Availability Rating, and API Manufacturing Status. Get deeper insight into when drugs go off patent, the competitiveness of the generic market for a given API and capabilities of API manufacturers.


"Newport enabled us to gather critical information that was timely and accurate, which we used to short-list new product candidates."

Coumara Radja

President of Global Business
ZCL Chemicals

Unique intelligence

Have greater confidence in strategy decisions using a solution that provides market, API and patent intelligence in a single platform. This helps you determine the drug candidates with the greatest probability of success as well as API manufacturers best suited to your needs.


"Newport expedites the decision-making process when it comes to identifying new products ... It’s an indispensable tool."

Coumara Radja

President of Global Business
ZCL Chemicals

Consulting services

Clarivate experts bring together a unique combination of Cortellis content (and other available data sources) with experienced consultants and proprietary methodologies to drive life sciences innovation – faster, with independent objectivity, for better results. Our experts deliver you unrivaled data science expertise, evidence-based consulting and independent advice across the pharmaceutical research and development value chain.

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Your single source of all critical data for generics portfolio selection.

Apply comprehensive market data including sales, launch, consumption and pack pricing.

Select a reliable, experienced API supplier using expertly researched and validated API manufacturing intelligence, including regulatory filing status, inspection dates, and more.

Quickly and accurately identify a short list of potential portfolio candidates with just a few clicks.

Trusted by 85% of the world’s top 20 generic and API manufacturers and 70% of the top 10 fastest-growing generics companies.

Stay current with email alerts for new or updated product or company data.

Unlock the hidden insights in data.

16.5 K+

Small molecules and biologics with synthesis schemes

71 K+

Manufacturers and marketers

1.5 M+


59 K+

US, JP and SK DMF, COS and GMP certificates


Regions' sales data sourced


Countries' launch data available

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