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Gaining a competitive edge in drug development requires monitoring the current pipeline while keeping an eye to the future. Maintaining this broad view is challenging – and makes it essential to survey the entire development landscape and comprehensive analysis to forecast trends, threats and opportunities.

Inform your strategic decisions and stay a step ahead of others by leveraging accurate, timely competitive intelligence that spans the entire drug development cycle. Cortellis Competitive Intelligence™ provides access to data such as drug pipeline, deals, patents, global conferences and company content, along with the latest industry news and press releases.

Rigorously reviewed, manually curated and dynamically updated data from multiple sources.

Global coverage and access

Access the broadest drug pipeline and competitive database, providing support and analysis in more than 20 languages and reports from more than 200 conferences in over 20 countries – in either English or Chinese language interface.


"When I prepare our executive team for a meeting with a potential partner… the competitive data has to be very targeted. And these are things that would come up very easily using Cortellis.”

Paul Resnick

Vice President and Chief Business Officer (CBO),
MabVax Therapeutics

Comprehensive search capabilities

Find all the data you need in one search using the integrated, single platform – organized, indexed, and exportable to multiple formats.


“With Cortellis for Competitive Intelligence, we’re getting a full picture of the data we need to see and use.”

Associate Director of Business Development

small biotech company

State-of-the-art visualizations

Bring the power of competitive content into a single visual location. Quickly create a landscape view of your area of interest using interactive visualizations and derive new insights using powerful, intuitive analytics.


"The quality, accuracy and depth of information creates a total picture on which my customers can wholly rely.”

Micro-SME specializing in CNS targets and therapies

serving UK and EU

Integrated platform

Access trusted intelligence on global regulations, deals, and clinical trials with one-click subscription access through the unified Cortellis platform.


“We needed a fast way to find out who is developing a similar drug. We couldn’t easily identify competitive threats or opportunities to collaborate. Now, Cortellis gives us that functionality.”

Senior Director of Research

global non-profit research organization

Consulting services

Clarivate experts bring together a unique combination of Cortellis content (and other available data sources) with hands-on experience and proprietary methodologies to drive life sciences innovation – faster, with independent objectivity, for better results. Our experts bring you unrivaled data science expertise, evidence-based consulting, and independent advice across the pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) value chain.

Data you can trust.

Find relevant information anytime, anywhere with web-based delivery and a fast and intuitive user experience.

Using a data-driven foundation, identify new competitors sooner and find and invest in early-stage assets before your competitors.

Apply analytics only available with Cortellis, such as the patent-pending Drug Timeline & Success Rates, which uses statistical modeling and machine learning to generate more accurate pipeline forecasts.

Access the most extensive drug pipeline and competitive database available in either Chinese or English language interfaces.

Ensure the most accurate and up-to-date competitive insights by using content subject to stringent editorial review, including quality approval and fact validation, with dynamic updates.

Get the level of detail you need by filtering results to answer more specific questions, then drilling straight down to reports of interest.

More pipeline and start-up information than available anywhere else.

73 k+

pipeline drug programs

20 k+

assets in Discovery phase

177 k+

company profiles

9 m+

global patents from 3.5M+ families

1.3 m+

broker research records from 1800+ brokers

1.3 k+

SWOT analyses

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