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Understand the complete disease landscape and size global markets

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  • Benchmark your forecasts with epidemiology data on the total potential and addressable market
  • Validate your investments using bottom-up forecasting
  • Understand how populations will change over time
  • Confidently estimate drug-treated populations with additional insights


  • Coverage of 200+ diseases and biomarkers across 45 countries and 3,500+ patient segments
  • Transparent and validated bottom-up methods with proprietary models
  • Global coverage using validated models of epidemiological transition and geographical extrapolation
  • Estimates based on combinations of publicly available studies, disease registries, and in-house real-world data
  • Manipulate patient-level data across countries, markets and patient sub-groups via (new) interactive data visualization dashboard

The complete epidemiology market picture

Our epidemiology forecasts at the total, diagnosed and drug-treated levels.

The foundation for sizing market potential, profiling patient segments and informing confident forecast-based business decisions.

Total Population

The broadest actual – not extrapolated – geographic coverage and most granular population segments for oncology, rare and niche diseases and beyond.

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