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Pharmaceutical companies rely on a fully informed business development strategy to secure competitive advantage. However, accurately predicting clinical progression and product launches requires vigilant monitoring of competitor pipelines that are constantly shifting.

Make balanced portfolio decisions in a complex and rapidly changing competitive environment with the help of our multi-disciplinary Portfolio and Licensing Consulting Services team. We offer comprehensive services that deliver a view of the competitive landscape, holistic commercial view for indication selection and accelerated evaluation of deal structures and asset values.

Leading industry intelligence, expert analysis and informed perspectives.

BD&L consulting services

Give your business development and licensing operation a competitive advantage with industry intelligence to spot and quantify business trends and opportunities before anyone else. Our industry experts acquire information across Clarivate platforms and beyond to deliver analysis and perspective that guide formulation of informed and intelligent business strategy.

BD&L consulting services include:

  • Partner identification
  • Deal benchmarks
  • Academic collaborations

Competitive intelligence services

Develop strategies that are ahead of your competitors with the help of Clarivate Portfolio and Licensing Consulting. Our team identifies emerging sources of innovation, projected market opportunities and anticipated shifts in your competitors’ pipelines. Gain unique insight from key opinion leaders that is not readily available elsewhere, and use this information to assemble a coherent picture that forms the basis for strategic decisions.

Competitive intelligence consulting services include:

  • Innovation landscaping
  • Commercial evaluation
  • Key opinion leader ID and perspective
  • Predictive analytics

Portfolio management

Your portfolio is your most important asset, and sound portfolio strategy decisions are based on quantifiable evidence and strong analysis. Get more than just data: get independent analysis from our industry experts to weigh, compare and contrast portfolio options and present a compelling strategic path.

Portfolio management services include:

  • Asset evaluation
  • Portfolio prioritization
  • Strategic roadmap development
  • Customized pipeline forecasting

Performance benchmarking

Get quantitative metrics on how your major pharma peers manage their clinical and research operations. Let our team help you assess R&D and clinical productivity and provide actionable data and insights.

Performance benchmarking services include:

  • Clinical operations benchmarking
  • R&D benchmarking

Feed a dwindling, early-stage pipeline.

Identify innovative science that can help you spot high-value assets and formulate a competitive business development and licensing strategy.

Inform your emerging markets strategy with insights on China, India, Latin America and more.

Rapidly enter a new therapeutic space and diversify a narrow portfolio using advantage gained by acquisition competitive insights.

Offer critical analysis of crucial biopharmaceutical deals data.

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