Asia drives critical innovation for the region and the world

Innovation is more important than ever in today’s fast-changing world, and Asia’s place in the global innovation ecosystem has never been more critical. A new report  from Clarivate explores Asia’s IP landscape across domains, trademarks and patents. Intellectual property (IP) research and protection play an essential role in accelerating the pace of innovation. IP allows […]

Standing together while apart: Clarivate APAC faces the pandemic as one team

A virus knows no boundaries. In less than four months, the novel coronavirus has spread to all continents except Antarctica, earning the classification of pandemic from the World Health Organization and surpassing 1.7m cases globally (as of April 12). As the virus continues to spread around the world, the news and facts surrounding it continue […]

China updates NRDL with blockbuster therapies

Price Negotiations Net Listing of 36 New Therapies   The February 2017 update to China’s National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL) was long awaited by both industry and patients alike. This update saw the list of western-style medicines grow by more than 10 percent to a total of 1,297 different formulations, whereas traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) […]

BRICS, Industry Spar over Intellectual Property

The divide between developed and emerging markets over pharmaceutical patents looks set to widen as the BRICS countries—Brazil, India, China and South Africa—are increasingly allying to combat EU and US pressure for more stringent global intellectual property rules. Accentuating this divide has been continued efforts by the BRICS countries to grow their research and development […]

The empowered consumer goes global

We recently completed our 2016 Taking the Pulse® Global study, which looks at physician digital behavior and preferences across 22 nations across Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, including China, India, Russia and Brazil. One of our most interesting findings this year was that the digital technology-fueled consumerization of healthcare is no longer […]

Biomarker: A Double-Edged Sword for the China Oncology Market?

As oncology is increasingly moving toward a personalized treatment approach, the use of biomarkers may enable patients to receive more efficacious treatment.  At the same time, biomarkers may actually limit the uptake of their respective targeted therapies. How has this biomarker “double-edged sword” shaped the China oncology drug market? Multiple oncology biomarkers, such as EGFR, […]

Can you Successfully Navigate Market Access in Emerging Markets?

With the largest proportion of the population relying on government-sponsored healthcare to access drug treatment, payers in emerging markets (EMs) face a constant struggle: how to accommodate more effective, innovative technologies under significant budgetary constraints? Compared to more mature markets, the most recent treatments for a given indication often lack—or experience substantial delays in securing—reimbursement […]