Clarivate awarded USPTO award for Designs Image Search AI (DesignVision)

Clarivate Plc, a leading global provider of transformative intelligence, has been awarded a contract from the USPTO which will transform capabilities for US examiners working on Design Patent applications.

Using DesignVision from Clarivate, an Intellectual Property AI & Image Search Platform for Government, examiners will be able to easily expedite patent examinations by using reverse image search AI to quickly identify relevant prior art. The Design Patent IP right protects the form of an object, so the visual representation is core to the IP protection. The tool is already used by IP offices globally, including three major North American IP offices.

Francois Neuville, Senior Vice President Product Management, Intellectual Property, Clarivate said: “We use the latest AI models, custom trained on Clarivate data, to retrieve relevant prior art from across over 69 global registers, with more than 80 million images, in just seconds. This allows for much faster examination than with traditional approaches. The system provides AI suggestions to enhance the search, as well as workflow tools designed specifically for global Patent and Trademark offices, and is being used by offices globally.”

The same design image search technology is available in other Clarivate offerings to law firms and corporates including in the Compumark offerings for Brand, Incopat offering for Patents, and through the Clarivate Search and Watch Services.


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