How Clarivate works towards SDG 4: Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education

At Clarivate we put sustainability at the heart of our business goals. Environment, social and governance issues are at the core of our global culture, serving as guiding principles for every decision we make.

Our sustainability report is full of real-life examples of how we help our customers, colleagues and communities, with transparent, data-driven results and real insights on where we need to focus moving forward. This is just one example.

Our aim to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

In today’s rapidly evolving world, ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for all is paramount.

With over 130 million students benefiting from our solutions, we have a significant impact on education. Our tools empower students to enhance their learning and research experiences and accessing valuable resources. We serve as trusted partners to over 26,000 public and academic libraries, providing essential tools and resources.

We value diversity and have incorporated Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) resources into our practices, so that all three of our corporate values: Own your actions, aim for greatness and value every voice, align with the development of DEI’s to help build trust, pursue hard-to-get content from underrepresented communities and historically silenced groups, and respond to the needs of research institutions, libraries and their patrons.

ProQuest: Leading the Way in DEI

For decades ProQuest has been creating DEI resources and building diverse collections of educational materials for libraries, enhancing greater representation of collections focusing on underrepresented regions and communities. Primary source research collections deal with topics such as women’s equality, incarceration and discrimination, disabilities, racial injustice and more.

One person in seven experiences disability, yet the story of this community and its contributions is largely absent from the scholarly record.

To identify and fill the gaps in our collections, ProQuest works with the academic community including academic advisory boards, partners with faculty on projects and talks regularly to their librarian partners and archivists. The accumulated well of knowledge is preserved in a multimedia collection – Disability in the Modern World which enables students and researchers to include this important piece of the puzzle in their research.

In September of 2023, Clarivate and ProQuest introduced ‘LibLists‘, an innovative platform empowering librarians to share collection curation expertise. The inaugural LibList, “Inclusivity in Healthcare” by Maria King, addresses diversity in healthcare education, offering a vital resource for neurodivergent students. With over 50 titles, King’s list is indispensable for health sciences libraries.

In 2022, we added archival material from an organization called Humanity and Inclusion that won a Nobel Prize for their international campaign to ban landmines. The new collection brings together pamphlets, reports, case studies, workshop material, manuals, guides and videos created by Humanity and Inclusion from 1985-2021, highlighting this important work to a global audience for the first time.

Language Inclusivity and Bias Mitigation

At Clarivate we review metadata and indexing terms to eliminate potential harm to marginalized communities. Our choice of indexing terms is non-discriminatory and reflects evolving inclusive language. We actively implement processes and technologies to prevent, detect and mitigate any biases.

As champions of inclusive education, we advance diversity, equity, and inclusion through innovative solutions. By providing cutting-edge tools, resources, and comprehensive collections, we empower individuals to explore, learn and grow. Together, we create an inclusive and equitable educational landscape.

Continuing to Learn, Act and Grow Together

Like so many organizations on a similar journey to sustainability, we realize we have a lot more to do. We all have an essential role to play to drive positive, meaningful impact for years to come.

We welcome you to join the conversation at as we work hard to build a more sustainable company that is focused on the bigger picture and driving long-term sustainable success for our customers, our community and our world.