Seeing your global IP risk profile couldn’t be easier: New patent litigation solutions from Clarivate

With patent infringement lawsuits continuing to rise[1] in jurisdictions around the world, it’s critical for companies to understand their global risk profiles before investing in new products, forming new development partnerships or acquiring new businesses. However, for many organizations, evaluating risk across all their major global markets is a complex and costly exercise.

At Clarivate, we’re continuing to build a new data model that brings together patent, company and litigation data in new ways to help our clients reduce their cost of doing business while managing risk and accelerating innovation. Our new patent litigation solutions – now available through Derwent Innovation™ and Innography™ – represent another significant step forward in providing a comprehensive view of the global IP landscape to our clients, where they need it.


Global perspective and integrated data for confident decision-making

The new patent litigation modules combine our proprietary Darts-ip™ patent litigation case data with the search, analytics and visualization capabilities of our leading patent intelligence platforms, Derwent Innovation and Innography. Users can now perform a freedom-to-operate (FTO) study that covers more than 140 jurisdictions in a single workflow or analyze the litigation activities of a key competitor by jurisdiction, case length or outcome alongside other correlated patent data – such as PatentStrength™, forward citations or examiner citations.

With integrated patent, litigation and company data, users will have the global perspective and data quality they need to make more informed global R&D, M&A and FTO decisions, and manage their company’s global risk profile with confidence.

By making IP intelligence more accessible, more flexible and more actionable, we can offer the solutions our clients need to create, protect and advance innovations that will transform the world for the better.


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