Shaping the future of IP intelligence

A new report examines the critical role intellectual property (IP) plays in enabling organizations to stay a step ahead of disruption—and how Clarivate is realigning its data, technology and expertise to meet the needs of a rapidly changing business landscape. Read it now.


Disruption is not just a buzzword; it’s a daily reality for organizations in virtually every industry. Creative destruction is accelerating as S&P 500 lifespans continue to shrink, requiring new strategies for navigating disruption. Innosight estimates that 50% of the companies currently listed on the S&P 500 will disappear by 2027. What will the survivors have in common? The ability to focus on the right innovations and get them to market faster and more efficiently. That puts intelligent use of IP data at the center of successful business strategies.

In our report, Data unleashed: How Clarivate is shaping the future of IP intelligence, we examine the factors driving the need for a new IP data model—and how Clarivate is taking the lead in shaping the future of IP information and insights. Our goal: to accelerate innovation and bring new products to market faster, while reducing the cost of doing business and mitigating risk by investing in the innovations that matter.


New realities demand a new approach to IP

Business professionals are facing rising pressures from all sides. Digital disruptors are driving a growing demand for data-driven decisions and strategies. The increasing speed of business creates the need to simplify increasingly complex portfolios and processes. Proliferating competitive and security risks demand new, actionable insights. Professionals must meet these challenges with flat or even decreasing resources.

These growing trends are giving rise to new information business models—including cloud-based and “as-a-service” models that put flexible capabilities at users’ fingertips.

At Clarivate, we believe these forces and trends define the future of our business. Business and R&D professionals need easier access to IP data and intelligence in ways that meet their specific needs, in real time. Prepackaged “products” have their place but they can’t deliver on these emerging needs. That’s why Clarivate is moving toward a new model that allows professionals to put information resources from diverse IP domains together in flexible ways to meet the needs of the moment.


Creating productive, personalized experiences

Realizing this new model of IP data delivery requires a combination of advanced technologies, from automated data cleansing to big data analytics to advanced natural language processing and visualization. The result will combine virtual data sources across diverse IP domains—trademarks, patents, domain names, copyrights, legal decisions, competitive intelligence and more—to allow extremely flexible, individualized experiences.

Having seamless access to all Clarivate IP datasets will:

  • enable branding and legal professionals to collaborate more easily and mitigate risk more effectively
  • give researchers and innovators the ability to make novel connections across IP domains, leading to new product ideas that accelerate innovation and fuel growth and
  • provide data scientists and application developers with access to timely IP data to build powerful, new research tools for a wide range of business applications to speed the pace of business

These are just a few examples. The true potential of Clarivate data, technology and expertise is unlimited, waiting to be discovered by the professionals who avail themselves of this new “IP intelligence-as-a-service” model.


Realizing this bold vision

This is the future—not just for Clarivate, but for the entire IP space. We’re well on the way to making it a reality. Recent investments by Clarivate are focused on strengthening our ability to deliver on this bold vision.

By making IP intelligence more accessible, more flexible and more actionable, we can provide the clarity our customers need to create, protect and advance innovations that will transform the world for the better.


To get the full story, read Data unleashed: How Clarivate is shaping the future of IP intelligence.

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