Clarivate Analytics Recognizes Outstanding Researchers in Qatar

Doha, Qatar, November 7, 2016 – Research honorees attended a dinner at the Museum of Islamic Art, here on 17 October, hosted by Clarivate Analytics. The researchers were recognized for their contributions to Qatar’s success as the country within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) with the best citation footprint.

Awards were based on the key performing indicator of the Category Normalized Citation Impact (CNCI) metric, a metric for providing a contextualized image of the performance.

Here’s a list of the Qatar honorees and their area of research:

Name Area  of Research
Dr. Mariam Ali S A Al Maadeed Material Science and Technology
Dr. Mazen Hasna Information Technology
Dr. Mustafa Zead Mathematics
Dr. Ahmed Abdala Materials Sciences and Engineering
Qatar National Research Fund Qatar research performance


Dr. Mariam Ali S A Al-Maadeed is the founding coordinator of the master’s program in Materials Science and Technology at Qatar University. In 2015, Dr. Al-Maadeed was recognized for having one of the highest CNCI in Qatar, reaching 10.03 for her article “Graphene and graphitic derivative filled polymer composites as potential sensors.” Comparatively, Qatar’s CNCI was 1.44.

Dr. Mazen Hasna is a pioneer in Information Technology and secured his place as a 2015 Highly Cited Researcher, the only researcher from Qatar on the list. Dr. Hasna is the most cited Qatari author, with the highest CNCI performance of 10.96 for the article “Performance Analysis of Relay Selection Schemes in Underlay Cognitive Networks with Decode and Forward Relaying.”

Dr. Mustafa Zead is a contributor and influencer in the field of Mathematics. He has had six Highly Cited Papers with the CNCI reaching a performance of 22.59. Dr. Zead was recognized as the only researcher from Qatar making the 2016 list of Highly Cited Researchers.

Dr. Ahmed Abdala is a senior researcher in the field of Materials Sciences and Engineering. He is part of Qatar’s efforts to develop new centers of excellence, which includes Hamad Bin Khalifa University and the Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute (QEERI). His articles frequently are in the top 1% worldwide Dr. Abdala was awarded for being a top Qatar researcher with the highest CNCI article at 82.44.

The Qatar National Research Fund – considered the backbone of Qatar research performance – supports and encourages local research performance. Their policies balance the need for increased productivity without diluting the quality of the research being produced. With their efforts, Qatar productivity increased 14 times from 165 articles to 2,378 articles between 2005 and 2015. QNRF was recognized for consistent improvement of the CNCI. Qatar reached its CNCI peak in 2010 at 1.72 and since then, has consistently remained the best among all GCC countries.

In the last 10 years, Qatar has emerged as the country with the best citation footprint among GCC nations, although the nation has the lowest percentage of documents cited. This means that when articles from Qatar-based institutions are cited, their citation dynamics surpass the GCC and world averages. When the context is enlarged, this dynamic demonstrates focus on research fronts and relevant trends.

About the CNCI

The Category Normalized Citation Impact or CNCI is an indicator of impact; irrespective of age, and subject focus of document type. A CNCI value of 1 represents performance at par with the world’s average. Values higher than 1 are considered above average and values below 1 are considered below average.

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