Clarivate in the Age of AI: Innovation Rooted in Academia

Bar Veinstein, President, Academia & Government, introduces expanded AI-powered product portfolio

London, U.K.  March 6, 2024. Clarivate Plc (NYSE:CLVT), a leading global provider of transformative intelligence, today shares an update on its generative AI strategy and its expanded AI-powered product portfolio.

In a virtual presentation, Bar Veinstein, President, Academia & Government, shares an update on the Clarivate generative AI strategy for academia, and demonstrates the new AI capabilities developed to drive research excellence and student success. As part of this strategy, Clarivate is both enhancing existing solutions and introducing new solutions built on its specialized Academic AI platform services, including:

  • Conversational discovery in the Web of Science™ Research Assistant and ProQuest™ Research Assistant.
  • New AI-based applications and solutions such as Alethea, the personalized academic coach for student reading, which is the first program from the Academia & Government Innovation Incubator and is already transforming the learning experience in more than a dozen classrooms in several early adoption institutions.
  • Ex Libris™ has launched an AI-based metadata generator for select Bibliographic records in the AlmaTM Community Zone that improves record quality, making them more discoverable and accessible.
  • Lastly, Clarivate is using AI to increase operational efficiencies; for example, enriching scholarly metadata in a consistent and high-quality manner.

Bar Veinstein, President, Academia & Government, Clarivate said: “We are using our trusted, connected data and content, embedded in academic workflows to lead and transform the industry, in partnership with the academic community. Our vision is to take generic generative AI and responsibly transform it into true Academic Generative AI. Ultimately, we believe that our generative AI will enable researchers to accelerate innovation and will ensure students everywhere can learn more effectively every day.”

Since the introduction of widely available generative AI in 2023, higher education has undergone a rapid shift in attitudes, as students and faculty increase their adoption of generative AI. The sector needs trusted AI-powered solutions that support research integrity, research excellence and student academic success.

The demonstrations include:

  • The beta program for the Web of Science Research Assistant which enables researchers to ask questions, more easily uncover the right answers and familiarize themselves with new topic areas from Web of Science data.
  • The beta program for ProQuest Research Assistant, an AI-powered conversational discovery tool initially focused on ProQuest One Literature. Clarivate welcomes participants to the beta programs for both solutions.
  • Alethea, an AI-powered students’ content engagement platform and academic coach. Alethea facilitates meaningful engagement with academic texts, class readings and assignments through personalized and adaptive guidance.

Later in the year, Clarivate will form an Academia AI Advisory Council, to ensure that generative AI is developed in deep partnership with the academic community. The council will help define a framework for the use of generative AI in academia including best practices, recommendations and guardrails. This framework will guide the development of generative AI tools and solutions from Clarivate that cater to diverse academic needs.

Oren Beit-Arie, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Innovation at Clarivate, said: “As a longtime trailblazer in implementing AI, the formation of the Clarivate Academia AI Advisory Council is an important step forward in helping unleash the potential of generative AI, adhering to core academic principles. Through meaningful dialogue and collaboration with Council members, we aim to define a clear and responsible approach to implementing AI that pushes the boundaries of academic experience, while upholding educational and research integrity.”

The virtual strategy update can be found here.

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